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Associate of Arts Courses

Associate of Arts Degree 100% Online

King University's online Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree is designed for high school graduates, busy professionals and nontraditional students looking to begin their college education.

Associates Degree Online Courses

Courses are grouped three or four to a semester for a total of 12 semester hours (s.h.) each. Semesters are offered in strict rotation, but incoming students may begin the AA courses in any of the four semesters. Courses indicated with an asterisk (*) must be taken at King. 

Required Courses:

Introduction to College Semester

• MATH 1000 Principles of Mathematics (4 s.h.)*

• IDST 1610 Introduction to College Level Work (4 s.h.)*

• ENGC 1010 English Composition: Basic Communication Skills (4 s.h.)*


Traditions Semester

• KING 1500 Introduction to Higher Education (4 s.h.)*

• RELG 1001 Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice (4 s.h.)*

• IDST 2200 The Arts in Historical Context (4 s.h.)*


Preparation for Citizenship Semester

• PSCI 2200 The Future of Citizenship (4 s.h.)*

• ENGC 1110 English Composition: Writing and Speech (4 s.h.)

• ENGC 2010 English Composition: Research and Writing (2 s.h.)*

• PHED 1110 Fitness for Life (2 s.h.)


Nature & Culture Semester

• MATH 1560 Introduction to Statistics (4 s.h.)

• BIOL 1110 Principles of Biology and Lab (4 s.h.)

• SPAN 1010 Spanish Language and Culture (4 s.h.)


Global Community Semester

• HIST 2110 20th Century Global History (4 s.h.)

• ENGL 2110 20th and 21st Century Global Literature (4 s.h.)

• TCOM 1010 Speech Communication (4 s.h.)


Major Hours: 48 semester hours

Additional Hours Needed: 12 semester hours

Total Hours: 60 semester hours


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