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  • Header image: "Fact vs. Fiction: Shining a Light on the Reality of Hackers" with image of skull and crossbones on a computer screen with keyboard.

    Fact vs Fiction: The Truth About Hackers

    Many of us have a distorted view of who hackers are and what they do. It can be easy to blur fact with fiction when thinking about hacking, so it’s time for some myth busting.

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  • Different Types of Hackers: Who Are They?

    There is more to hackers than the criminal behavior you hear about on the news. In fact, ethical hackers protect our data every day. Hackers wear many hats, making them a colorful and often misunderstood group. Take a look at the different types of hackers.

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  • Day Shift Vs Night Shift Nursing cover image.

    Nursing: Day Shift vs. Night Shift

    Hospital patients require round-the-clock care, which means some nurses work overnight shifts and most work 12-hour shifts to ensure there is adequate coverage.

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  • Abnormal Psychology Header

    A Short History of Abnormal Psychology (Infographic)

    Abnormal psychology concentrates on psychological disorders and how they influence human behavior, particularly when leading to psychopathology. Our helpful timeline outlines how abnormal psychology and its treatment methods have evolved throughout the centuries.

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  • Alphabet of Programming Languages

    From AWK to ZIL: The Alphabet of Programming Languages (Infographic)

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  • Top 8 Technology Hubs in America

    Top 8 Technology Hubs in America (Infographic)

    From Seattle to Nashville to Boston and everywhere in between, these are America’s top tech hubs. Take a closer look at some of the factors that fueled these cities’ ascent to the top of the tech market.

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  • Protectors of the Office: IT Professionals in Action (Infographic)

    Although it is sometimes overlooked, IT professionals are powerhouses of the workplace. These men and women can astound their co-workers with the ability to work productively for long hours, while others possess an uncanny knack for finding proverbial needles in technology haystacks. Whatever the roles, these professionals enhance and uplift the work of everyone in the office.

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  • Dog Psychology: In the Mind of Mutts

    Dog psychology is every bit as intricate as their human counterparts'. Not only are dogs smarter than we think, but they actually share a lot of psychological traits with humans. Let’s take a look inside the mind of Man’s best friend.

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  • 10 Things Nurses Wish You Knew

    10 Things Nurses Wish You Knew

    Sometimes nurses can’t say exactly what they’re thinking. But there are things they need patients to understand.

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  • Business in Tennessee

    Why Start a Business in Tennessee?

    Opening a business is never easy, but in Tennessee, entrepreneurs can expect a supportive environment where angel investors are always looking for the next exciting venture. Tennessee is teeming with entrepreneurial spirit. Small businesses make up 96.8% of businesses in the Volunteer State. And they’re still growing.

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  • Tech Jobs

    7 Tech Jobs That Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago

    The Digital Age has brought with it tech jobs that weren’t even being imagined in our parents’ generation. What are a few of the most popular, and how does one snag these contemporary careers?

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  • Manager of a Generation: Millennials vs. Gen X

    Modern managers have their work cut out for them: Millennials make up more than one-third of the workforce, making them the largest percentage of American workers at 53.5 million.

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