Your Support Team

Enrollment Counselor

Phone: 888.511.0742

Immediately after you express interest in our programs, our trained enrollment counselors are ready to help you understand the application process. They’ll provide guidance for your questions about admissions, transcripts, transfer credits, and anything else you need during the enrollment process. Working together, they’ll help you set educational goals and start your journey at King.

Tuition Planner

Tuition planners make it possible for you to finance your education. They’ll educate you about financial aid, tuition policies, necessary processes, and more. Have questions about financial aid that you want answered now? View some of the frequently asked questions about financing your education.

Success Coach

Once you’re accepted, our dedicated success coaches help you stay on track. Knowledgeable in your area of study, they’ll monitor your progress and guide you through any bumps along the way. Our success coaches build a personal connection with every student, so you’ll always have a teammate while you’re here.