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B.A. English Overview

The next chapter of your career is waiting. At King University, the online Bachelor of Arts in English offers the chance for you to study the subject you love and earn a widely applicable degree.

Our online English degree program emphasizes the understanding of language and literature and delves into a wide range of authors, styles, and literary subjects. Topics of study include:

  • World literature
  • Adolescent literature
  • Composition and rhetoric
  • Appalachian literature
  • Religion and literature
  • Grammar and style
  • Shakespeare

Our curriculum also allows you to explore the relationship between faith and the art of writing, a unique connection that will enable you deepen your understanding of your vocational purpose.

Because our program strongly emphasizes communication, it successfully prepares you for many careers. The program is specifically designed to prepare you to teach in secondary education. However, the skills you learn — writing, analysis, research, and problem solving — are in high demand throughout the workforce. Graduates of this program are suited to follow careers in writing, library science, public service, and more. You may also continue towards graduate study.

The digital format of the program allows you to retain flexibility as you earn your degree. You won’t have to sacrifice work or life commitments, and you’ll be able to attend class at your convenience. You’ll also have the opportunity to study at an accelerated pace. We offer multiple start dates per year, as well a transfer policy that allows you to bring more than half the credits you need to graduate. Major coursework can be completed in 16 months.

The B.A. English Degree is Designed for…

  • Individuals seeking a bachelor’s degree that will prepare them for licensure in secondary education
  • Those who want careers that emphasize writing, research, and analysis
  • Working adults who have already obtained some college credit

Courses and Requirements

Our online English degree requires 48 semester hours (12 courses) of major coursework. To graduate from King University, students must complete a total of 124 semester hours, which includes a mixture of major courses, general education courses, and additional courses which may come from credit transfers or electives.

Course of Study

To graduate from King University with a baccalaureate degree, all students must earn 30 semester hours of common experience and general education courses. These courses include Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice, Citizenship, English Composition, Human Creative Products, Quantitative Literacy, Science, and additional general education courses.

Language Requirement for English Program

As part of the 30 semester hours of general education, all students must meet the intermediate-level second language requirement. The second language proficiency requirement may be met in any of the following ways:

  • A placement level of three semesters or higher on the Computer Adaptive Placement Exam for French or Spanish and a writing sample that scores intermediate mid-level or higher, based on ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.
  • A score of intermediate low or higher as determined by an oral proficiency interview administered by Language Testing International. Students will incur the cost for the interview. Interviews are available in a variety of modern languages.
  • A grade of C or better in a course conducted in English for students whose first language is not English.
  • Successful translation of a New Testament passage from Greek done in a controlled setting. The passage will be assigned and success in translation will be determined by a faculty member in the Department of Religion and Philosophy.
  • Completion of an intermediate-level course in a foreign language. Students may satisfy this requirement either by transferring credit or by successfully completing the online LATN 1000 and 2000 or SPAN 1000 and SPAN 2000 courses offered through King.

Students must earn a total of 38 semester hours of general electives.

Course #TitleDescriptionCredits
WRIT 2920Advanced Composition: Rhetorical and Narrative PatternsA course in composition stressing the canons of rhetoric and the strategies of invention that writers and speakers use to make their arguments. Emphasis on the writing process, on understanding and defining audience, and on choosing the best strategies to accomplish the writer’s purpose. Also practice on choosing appropriate narrative strategies for processes (instructions), events (journalism), and investigations(research). Required for students seeking English certification in Tennessee.4
ENGL 3120Appalachian LiteratureThis course is designed to broaden students’ understanding of the literature, history, and culture of the southern Appalachian region. The course will examine cultural identity, sense of place, and regional and racial identity of Appalachian people found in current as well as past forms of regional literature and scholarship. The course will examine different genres of literature such as travelogues, poetry, local color writing, manuscripts, and novels. The course will not be limited to literature of the region, but may also incorporate sociological, economical, and religious examinations as well.4
ENGL 3150Adolescent LiteratureA review of traditional and contemporary literature of value and interest to young people in grades 7-12. Prerequisite: ENGC 1110/11804
ENGL 3200Survey of World LiteratureA survey of the western literary tradition with an examination of representative texts from the major eras.4
ENGL 3340English GrammarThis course will introduce students to the fundamentals of English grammar: phonology, morphology, and syntax. A section on applied grammar will offer students insight into how a sound knowledge of grammatical structures can make for more effective writing. Prerequisite: ENGC 1110/11804
ENGL 3360Religion & LiteratureThis course will introduce students to the study of religion and literature, considering both the literary dimensions of religious texts and the ways in which literature influences readers spiritually and morally. Prerequisite: ENGC 1110/11804
ENGL 3400Survey of British LiteratureA survey of British literature from its beginnings until the present with an examination of representative texts.4
ENGL 3461ShakespeareA thematic and genre study of representative plays. Students may receive credit for both courses, as different plays will be studied in alternating years. Prerequisite: ENGC 1110/11804
ENGL 3540British Romanticism and the 19th CenturyA study of representative works of poetry, non-fiction prose, and drama from the Romantic and Victorian periods.4
ENGL 3580Literature and the Christian ImaginationThis course will examine the writings of two of the Oxford Inklings—C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien—and their literary ancestor, George MacDonald.4
ENGL 3600Survey of American LiteratureA survey of American literary tradition from its beginnings up until the present with an examination of representative texts.4
ENGL 3625Modern and Contemporary American LiteratureAn introduction to the writings of the post-World War I era into the 21st century. Prerequisite: ENGC 1110/11804

To view the full Academic Catalog, CLICK HERE.

Admission Requirements

Students applying for the online English degree program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.2 on a 4.0 scale
  2. Students with less than a 2.2 high school GPA may be considered and accepted on a conditional basis provided they are able to demonstrate their plans to succeed in the program.

General Admission Requirements

General requirements for admission to King University include graduation from an accredited or recognized high school, GED, or secondary institution with a minimum of 16 academic units, distributed as follows:

  • Four units of English
  • Two units of algebra (Algebra I and II)
  • One unit of geometry
  • Two units of foreign language
  • Two units from history and social studies
  • One unit of natural science
  • Four units of other academic electives

Students educated at home should follow the same procedures as any other candidate for the freshman class.

Students should present a high school transcript and documentation, or its equivalent.

How to Apply

Students applying for the online English program must submit the following materials:

  1. A completed online application
  2. An official transcript request form. A scanned copy may be emailed to your Enrollment Counselor.

Have questions about this program or the admissions process? Request information and get connected to one of our knowledgeable enrollment counselors.

Career Outcomes

Graduates of King University’s online English program can pursue careers as:

  • Secondary Education Teachers
  • Secondary English Language and Literature Teachers
  • Proofreaders, Editors, and Copywriters
  • Technical Writers
  • Creative Writers and Authors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Market Research Analysts
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Advertising Specialists
  • Librarians and Media Collections Specialists
  • Graduate Students

Appalachian School of Law

King University and Appalachian School of Law (ASL) have together created a Preferred Admission pathway and 3+3 agreement that reduces the time required for law education by a year. Qualified enrollees will take three years of undergraduate courses at King and receive preferred admission status to ASL. Successful completion of the first year of law courses will then retroactively apply to King’s degree program, serving as the fulfillment of a bachelor’s degree in English or history.

Online Learning

Studying online prepares you for a successful future. Discover a learning format that offers:

  • Flexibility and Convenience
  • Personalized Academics
  • Equal Excellence
  • Opportunity for Self Insight