Social Work Education at a Glance

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Social Work Education

Social work is the profession that makes a difference. At King University, those with a passion for helping others can earn the credentials they need to change the world. King’s online Bachelor of Social Work degree features a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students to succeed in a number of rewarding careers.

Social Work Education

King University offers social work classes that cover a variety of relevant topics. Here are just a few:

Human Behavior and the Social Environment

This two-course sequence explores the behavior of people in social settings. The first section explores human behavior within community environments. Students seek to understand people through examining theories of behavior in biological, psychological, psychosocial, and spiritual dimensions. They also gain insight into facets of environment, like social institutions, families, culture, and more.

The second course in this sequence explores the developmental process within the human life span. Students study how concepts like human diversity, oppression, and social and economic injustices affect individuals, as well as how elements like gender, social class, disability, and other dimensions influence their growth.

Human Diversity and Ethical Issues

This course explores social diversity through a social work lens. Diversity in this case may include elements of socio-demographics, culture, worldview, politics, religion, sexual orientation, and more. Through an examination of the impact of discrimination and oppression, students learn how to develop introspective capabilities regarding the self-identities of others.

Social Work Policy

In this course, students examine the history of social welfare advocacy in the United States. They learn how to critically analyze social work programs and policies, where social workers fit within these programs, and how to use policy advocacy to advance social and economic benefits.

Writing for Social Workers

This elective course teaches social work students how to successfully write for their field. Students will learn about expectations and standards in scholarly writing, how to search professional literature, write coherently, how to properly cite sources, and other relevant skills.

Potential Social Work Careers

Graduates of King’s online BSW are prepared to enter many exciting and meaningful careers. Some options include:

Military Social Workers

In this specialized field, social workers focus on supporting members of the armed forces, as well as their families, explains the Journal of Social Work Education. The essence of this work lies in an intimate understanding of the challenges and attitudes that exist within military settings and culture. Military social workers may provide assistance on micro, mezzo, or macro levels. Example responsibilities include helping individual veterans cope with post-traumatic stress or other mental disorders; helping military families reintegrate into society and build resilience; and intervening on behalf of patients within the unique structure of the military.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker

Substance abuse and mental health social workers help individuals who suffer from a number of mental illnesses, behavioral problems, or addictions, explains the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These professionals may be responsible for identifying problematic behavior, offering treatment options, and developing recovery plans. They may work with their clients’ families to build comprehensive roads to recovery or work with specific populations such as the elderly or college-age students.

Family and Children Social Worker

These professionals provide protection and support for vulnerable children and their families, Payscale reports. They may be responsible for determining required services for clients, developing treatment plans, and intervening when children are neglected or abused. Social workers who focus on children and families often work in schools, government facilities, group homes, or community centers, and conduct their business both in offices and in clients’ homes.

No matter what specialization they choose, every social worker’s professional journey must begin with the right degree.

A Future in Social Work

King University provides a rigorous and expedient pathway for students to enter the social work field. Designed so that major coursework can be completed in as little as 16 months, the online Bachelor of Science in Social Work allows students to earn a degree quickly without sacrificing work and life commitments. Classes are taught by experienced professionals with real-world experience, providing students with the expertise they need to thrive.