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10 Business Careers You Probably Haven’t Considered

March 31, 2014

Real Estate agent presenting a house to a family

Everyone knows the basic jobs a person can get after graduation with a business degree: accountant, sales representative, IT specialist and financial analyst are just a few of the positions the average business major can apply for. However, you might find yourself wondering if there are other options out there. Maybe you don’t see yourself working in a traditional office environment, or maybe you want to get a job that pushes the limits of the ordinary nine-to-five. Business degrees are one of the most versatile job options because they open up a wide variety of opportunities for work after graduation.

Business Careers

With an online business degree like those available from King University, you don’t have to settle for the average position. We’ve put together a guide to some of the jobs you can get with a business degree that you might not have even considered.

1. Appraiser

An appraiser, also called a real estate appraiser, estimates the worth of property. They have an extensive knowledge of the market and analyze homes, businesses and other kinds of properties to identify its value. Appraisers usually communicate their findings in an appraisal report. Clients hire appraisers for a variety of reasons, including insurance purposes and the division of assets after a divorce. Annual salary for appraisers is around $50,000.

2. Market research analyst

Business degrees can also be applied toward a career as a market research analyst. These professionals help companies determine whether products will be successful. They also identify the buyers for particular products and the best market prices for them. Annual salaries for market research analysts are around $60,000 yearly.

3. Public relations specialist

These professionals work to present their clients in the best way possible. They plan public events, set up interviews and serve as a company’s public “face.” Public relations specialists, on average, make about $60,000 annually.

4. Corporate concierge

This job is another great way to use your business degree. A corporate concierge manages and facilitates the busy schedule of executives. They handle a variety of personal and business-related duties to help an executive and their company stay successful. Communication, organization and critical-thinking skills are key traits of a corporate concierge. Annual salary for this job is around $30,000.

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5. Fashion merchandise buyer

A fashion merchandise buyer works for retailers and determines what styles and items a store will carry. They visit manufacturers, attend fashion shows and work directly with consumers to determine what is trending and will sell. Salaries for this position vary significantly, but the average is about $90,000 annually.

6. Real estate agent

A real estate agent finds and sells houses and other properties for clients. They are skilled in business areas such as marketing, finance and management as well as administration. Salary in this profession is dependent on commission, meaning that your financial success directly relates to the amount of time and effort you put in. Real estate agents should therefore be driven, motivated and savvy individuals.

7. Event planner

From weddings to parties and conferences, these business professionals oversee and manage events for their clients. This job involves significant amounts of planning, as well as acting as a liaison between clients and various vendors and companies. You will likely work for an event planning firm, but some large companies also hire full-time planners for marketing events and company meetings. The average salary for event planners is around $50,000.

8. Financial advisor

This job enables you to help your clients make sound investment decisions. Financial advisors give their clients data, information and advice by completing research and analyzing the market. These professionals maintain close contact with their clients and have an annual salary of around $65,000.

9. Digital marketing manager

These professionals use technology to help their clients effectively market products and services. They utilize search engine optimization, digital sales, mobile advertising and other relatively new marketing tactics and also develop strategy for a more cost-efficient way to reach target audiences. The average annual salary for digital marketing managers is around $110,000.

10. Development Director

Individuals in developer positions usual work for nonprofit organizations. They help these organizations build relationships, raise funds and develop strategy to generate donations to a particular cause or group of causes. Development directors should have strong leadership, communication and critical-thinking skills. The average salary for these professionals is around $80,000.

Business Programs at King

If any of these unique business careers seem like they would be a great fit for you, King University’s business degrees can help you reach your goals. We offer a variety of online degrees in business that can help you get started in the business world or advance your career. We offer bachelor’s degrees in communication and business administration, as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. All three of these program options provide students with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to compete in the business job market.

For more information about King University’s business degree options, visit our Online Programs page.