Information Technology Degrees

Online Information Technology Degree!

Technology is changing business. King University can keep you on the cutting-edge of new workplace trends with an information technology degree.

Online Information Technology Degree

Companies are increasingly turning to complex networks and information systems to successfully operate in the modern workforce. This growing dependency on information technology is creating new opportunities for professionals prepared with an information technology degree. King University provides an accessible and affordable online information technology degree for students seeking out these opportunities.

King University offers its tech students the opportunity to focus your degree with one of three concentrations for better career outcomes. The information technology degree outcomes include the following:

  • Network Management: Business large and small connect to employees through networks. And, in order to maintain operations, these networks must operate smoothly. Network Management involves the administration, operation and maintenance of these networks in order to promote effective business operations.
  • Cybersecurity: A dependency on large networks and big data stores can leave a company vulnerable to cyber-attack. IT security professionals are responsible for protecting businesses from these dangers.
  • Information Systems: Professionals who understand Information Systems understand the total picture of how network management and cyber security work in tandem to build and protect the digital infrastructure of a business.

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