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MBA Scholarships and Tips You Need to Know

May 14, 2014

Scholarships aren’t just for high school graduates starting their academic journey. Adult learners, including those seeking additional degrees such as an online MBA degree, are eligible for scholarships, which could help ease the financial burden often associated with continued education and the rising cost of college tuition. There are a plethora of scholarships available to graduate students enrolled in MBA and other business-related degree programs from employers, organizations, association affiliates and higher education institutions, including King University. These scholarships provide robust financial support to promote your academic pursuits and further your career goals in business.

There are a plethora of scholarships available to graduate students enrolled in MBA and other business-related degree programs. You should apply for scholarships as you are applying for admittance into King University’s MBA program. Here are a few tips to follow for successful outcomes when applying for scholarships:

Apply for the FAFSA now: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form before applying for any scholarships. Most organizations will require the information gathered from the FAFSA form to process scholarship award amounts. Doing so will show you are prepared and serious about your academic future. King University will also use your FAFSA form to award other types of institutional financial assistance.

Do your research: Scholarships are out there for the taking, with some even going unused due to a lack of qualified applicants. The Internet can help you complete an exhaustive search of available national or regional scholarships. You can also speak with a King University financial aid counselor to discover opportunities for federal as well as institutional support.

Talk to other MBA students and alumni: Your peers and other program alumni are a valuable resource in hunting down the best MBA scholarships. Most scholarships are offered annually and many are awarded to more than one recipient making this an easy way to garner financial aid.

Apply early: Many adult learners miss out on valuable scholarship opportunities because of missed application deadlines. Life is hectic and it may be hard to find time to complete the myriad of paperwork necessary to apply for this type of financial assistance. Staying on top of deadlines and early application can help you avoid the deadline rush. And, some financial assistance is given out on a first-come-first-served basis, making it important that you apply early for these types of scholarships.

Apply annually: Some scholarships are not renewable, meaning you could still be left paying the cost of tuition beyond your first year. Apply for scholarships every year you are enrolled in the MBA program to maximize your award benefits. You can often re-apply for scholarships you previously earned. Also, complete a fresh scholarship search each semester, as some award money is often left unused and repurposed the following semester or term.

Following are some business scholarships to consider when enrolling in King University’s MBA:

Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund Scholarship: This award is affiliated with the American Business Women’s Association. To be eligible, applicants must be female, a citizen of the U.S., and enrolled in a licensed, accredited, or state-approved institution. National scholarships are awarded each year in the amounts of $2,000 to $10,000.

Blindsgalore National Scholarship: Blindsgalore contributes a $2,000 scholarship to women who seek to become future business leaders. Female college students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are eligible for this scholarship. Applicants must complete an essay between 400-600 words on the contest’s chosen topic of the year.

Government Finance Officers Association: The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) offers a number of scholarships for individuals who wish to pursue careers in local government finance. These scholarships are offered to full and part-time students, those who wish to focus on business administration, nonprofit work, and/or career development. A full list of scholarships and requirements can be found on their website.

Business scholarships are an excellent way to finance your MBA at King University. We accept all scholarships. However, scholarships aren’t your only outlet for financial support at King. Our financial aid counselors will work with you to find other available assistance programs to help bring your academic goals within reach, including federal loans, grants and work-study opportunities.