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MBA Jobs Guide: Discover Your Business Personality

March 8, 2019

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You earned your bachelor’s degree in business and now after a few years in the workforce, you’re ready to take the next step in your career.

With an online MBA, you’ll open yourself to new career opportunities in management and leadership, a higher salary and you’ll have an even bigger impact on your organization’s success and growth. You can also achieve personal growth as you improve your business administration skills.

Masters of Business Administration: The Choice is Yours

At King University, we have six different online MBA concentrations, giving you the ability to find your business path through our program. Concentrations include:

Healthcare Management

You’ll learn the best practices and effective structures necessary for institutions within the healthcare industry, one of the nation’s fastest growing fields.

Human Resource Management

The backbone of any company is its human resources department, and in this concentration, you’ll develop the skills to hire employees and design an organizational map to help maximize output.


A broad study on how best to accomplish goals within an organization. You’ll cover a range of topics including organizational effectiveness, human resources development, and operations management.


Another classic pillar of business, marketing is the process of convincing consumers to purchase a product or service. Learn about market demand, pricing strategies, and collaborating with sales, public relations, and research and development professionals to maximize revenues and profit.

Project Management

This is the practice of completing unique and complex tasks in a set amount of time. Master the art of initiating, planning, executing, and monitoring a project, among other processes.

MBA Personality: Which Profile Fits You?

King University’s specialized online MBA allows for you to become truly prepared for the next stage of your career.

With our concentrations, we will prepare you for your dream job, and our unique program is designed to help you focus on what really matters within that field of business.

Every concentration within the program attracts a certain type of “MBA personality.” Here are some MBA personality examples. Find which one fits you!

The Architect

You are a creative, thoughtful leader who designs marketing concepts, makes plans, and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Your personality and ability to multitask allows for you to be able to manage concepts and a team, leading to revenue growth. You also can connect with what the consumer wants, allowing your company to get a foothold in a market. You could achieve success in nonprofit management as an executive director or as a marketing manager.

The Executive

You are good at managing people and projects, ensuring that every action item is carried out to success. Your Type-A personality motivates you and others to help grow your company, but your interpersonal skills help you manage employee conflicts. If this is you, you could have a future in project management as a project coordinator.

The Tinkerer

You are good at examining individual pieces of a system (i.e. software or workflow process) and discovering gaps that need to be filled. Your ability to notice and correct an error helps drive innovation and optimization within your company. You might work in accounting or in business analytics as a management analyst.

The Torchbearer

You are willing to put in the hours and take responsibility for project success and/or failure. Your leadership skills make employees want to work hard for you, and your successes are noticed by the CEO, giving you a step up in the future. You could find a home with an MBA in leadership, working as a general manager.

Pursue an MBA. 100% Online.

With an MBA, your career options are limitless. Enroll today in King University’s fully online MBA to get started on the next step in your career.

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Which Potential Business Career Appeals to You?

Each of King University’s online MBA concentrations prepare you for a specific field within business. The program will help prepare you for many lucrative MBA jobs, including the ones mentioned below.


With nearly 1.4 million estimated accountants working in the U.S., per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016), accountants make up one of the largest groups of employees in business industries. Accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records to ensure that they are accurate and taxes are properly paid. The BLS reported accountants and auditors earned a median annual salary of $68,150, with the highest 10 percent earning more than $120,000 per year in 2016.

Management Analyst

Management analysts propose ways to optimize and improve an organization’s overall efficiency. Through advisory roles, analysts give tips on how to increase revenue and cut costs, leading to higher profits. The BLS reported management analysts earned a median annual salary of $81,330. In addition, the BLS reports this position is growing faster than average, with more than 115,000 jobs expected to be added to the workforce by 2026.

Financial Manager

One of the best-paying jobs available, financial managers are in charge of the financial health of an organization. Managers will produce financial reports, advise and direct investment decisions, and develop strategies for the organization’s long-term goals and future. The BLS reported financial managers earned a 2017 median annual salary of $125,080. The BLS also reported the position has incredible growth potential, with more than 108,000 jobs added to the workforce at a 19 percent growth rate.

Health Services Manager

In a field bursting with growth, health service managers coordinate, plan, and direct services to patients. Managers could oversee an entire facility or just a department within the facility or organization, including a specific clinical area, set of doctors and nurses, or more. Health service managers must stay up-to-date on cutting-edge technologies as well as changes to legislation at the state and federal level. The BLS reported health service managers earned a median annual pay of $98,350, and the industry is forecasted to grow by 20 percent by 2026.

Human Resource Specialist

Specialists work from the ground floor to the board room of a company, helping recruit, screen, interview, and hire workers for an organization. HR specialists often coordinate and organize procedures for hiring processes as well as host training events to help with professional development within the company. The BLS reported human resource specialists earned a median annual salary of $60,350. 

General Manager

General managers are responsible for overseeing and coordinating all operations of an organization. This can include operations on the business side as well as production or other services provided. There are a wide range of general managers across fields, but the BLS reported in 2016 that general and operations managers earned a median annual wage of $122,090.

Administrative Services Manager

Administrative service managers direct, supervise, and maintain facilities and activities that take place in an organization. Responsibilities could vary but typically managers oversee activities performed by employees including recordkeeping, mail distribution, and office upkeep. The BLS reported that the field is projected to grow by 10 percent by 2026, faster than average, with a median annual pay of $94,020.

Senior Data Analyst 

Often found working in marketing and finance departments, senior data analysts collect, organize, and analyze data that is connected to a business’ operations. They study conditions that can lead to rising revenues for the company. Under the field of market-research analysts, the BLS reported the field is projected to grow by 23 percent through 2026 and the median earned pay was $63,230 per year. 

Marketing manager 

Examine the market and estimate what the demand is for a product or service provided by your organization. Marketing managers will also identify potential markets for products, develop pricing strategies, and work with sales, public relations, and product development professionals to maximize profits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2016 marketing managers earn a median annual salary of $127,560. 

Executive director 

This position is responsible for overseeing the administration, survives provided, and strategic goals of the organization they’re in charge of. In general, most nonprofit executive directors must also be media-savvy and understand how to spread their message, to raise money to pay for the services the organization provides. reported in 2018 non-profit executives earned a median annual salary of $64,140, with the top 10 percent earning more than $100,000 per year. 

Project Coordinator 

As a project coordinator, you’ll organize and lead projects, from the initiation and planning stages through the execution and wrap-up. Project coordinators work directly with team members within their company and with other clients to plan meetings and organize logistical operations. The BLS includes project coordinators under “business operations specialists,” which in 2016 had a median annual salary of $74,870.

Why King University?

At King University, we strive to educate students in an academically rigorous way that prepares them for the next step in their careers. Our Christian faith guides our mission to integrate faith, scholarship, service, and career into the lives of our students, so they may become better equipped for success in the professional world. 

Since our founding in 1867, we’ve educated tens of thousands of students like you, looking to advance their careers to the next level. With our fully-online education at your disposal, there’s never been a better time to make an investment in yourself. Your future begins at King. 

Why Choose the Online MBA? 

King University’s online MBA offers you a specialized path to achieve your career goals. With our program, you can focus on your career goals and learn the ins and outs of business management from knowledgeable faculty who have your success in mind. Our 36-credit hour program can be finished in as little as 16 months, and you can take advantage of our fully online format, allowing you to balance your education with your busy life. King University’s online MBA will give students a competitive advantage in the world of business leadership.