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Careers with a Psychology Degree

June 19, 2013

Graduates with a degree in psychology gain a valuable set of skills that can be applied to many different career paths after graduation. Although industry statistics suggest that just over 25 percent of psychology graduates pursue a career in their field, a psychology degree can be used in many other careers with careful planning. Many graduates will pursue a career in human or social services while others will apply the skills gained through intensive coursework to careers in sales, advertising, research and more.

Consider these jobs with a psychology degree from King University:

  • Social and community service manager: Organize and manage social service programs and community organizations that directly serve the public. These managers will analyze the effectiveness of programs, seek out funding and community support and establish programs that serve the community. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts an 18 percent growth in career opportunities through the year 2026.
  • Psychiatric technician: Provide care to people with mental illness and developmental disabilities. Job responsibilities vary depending on the type of patients technicians work with; however, they are typically tasked with implementing treatment plans and providing follow up care to patients. The BLS estimates steady job growth for this profession through 2026.
  • Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor: Provide treatment and support to help patients recover from substance abuse issues, eating disorders or other behavioral problems. The BLS estimates a 23 percent occupational growth through the year 2026.
  • Market research analyst: Consider trends in market conditions in local, regional or national areas to predict potential sales of a product or service. Market research analysts help companies comprehend consumer behaviors, including who is making purchasing decisions, what products or services are being bought and pricing for products and services. Career outlook for market research analysts is very strong with the BLS estimating a 23 percent job growth through 2026.
  • Advertising managers: Plan programs to generate interest in a company’s product or service. Advertising managers coordinate with clients, art directors, sales agents, financial staff and more to effectively plan and promote advertising campaigns for products. The BLS predicts a faster than average rate of growth for this profession, expecting a 10 percent rate of growth by 2026.
  • Career Counselor: Career counselors provide individuals with guidance and support when making important decisions about their future employment. They work with high school and college students to determine next steps, whether that means enrolling in a college degree program or entering the workforce. The BLS predicts a 13 percent rate of growth in this field by 2026, a rate considered faster than average.
  • Human resource specialist: Human resource specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing workers into jobs. They may consult with employers, conduct orientations, hire or refer individuals, and a host of related duties. These professionals make a median annual salary of $60,350.
  • Training and development specialist: Training and development specialists create and implement programs designed to improve employee knowledge These professionals are often responsible for assessing training needs, creating manuals and curricula, evaluating program effectiveness, and delivering course materials. They make a median annual salary of $60,360.
  • Social Worker: Social workers are professionals who help others cope with personal challenges. This field is broad. Depending on their area of specialization, social workers may help treat mental disorders, improve student outcomes with social work in schools, help ill individuals manage their diseases, become community organizers, or a host of other responsibilities. These individuals make a median annual salary of $47,980.

Psychology jobs are diverse, incorporate a wide range of skills, and can serve as the foundation for further educational study. At King University, the online Bachelor of Psychology delivers a career-oriented course of study that leads students to opportunities for a better career. The program is available fully online, giving working adults the ultimate flexibility they need to attend school while maintaining their life commitments. The program can be completed in as little as 16 months.