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5 Nursing Jobs in Tennessee

July 31, 2014

Among the biggest trends in healthcare is the growing need for nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses will see a 15 percent increase in employment by 2026, a rate considered much faster than average.

In Tennessee, working nurses can take advantage of this trend by choosing careers common to regional hospitals. While not all of these positions require an advanced degree, earning one, such as the online Master of Science in Nursing at King University, can provide a much needed advantage in a competitive workforce.

Nursing Jobs

Clinical Appeals Specialist

Dealing with medical insurance can be a difficult process for anyone, but when a claim is denied, hospitals and patients are left trying to resolve the payment problem.

Clinical appeals specialists are dedicated to handling the appeal of an insurance denial. They work with patients and insurance companies to resolve claim issues and identify potential problems. Also, they often work with collections companies to secure payment on late accounts.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC)

Some civil and criminal cases involve some kind of medical component.

A CLNC is a nurse that uses his or her healthcare experience and training to consult law offices on any medical related lawsuits. These nurses will often perform research on cases and help clarify any medical uncertainties. They may also help the law office locate expert witnesses, like doctors who specialize in the issues addressed in the case.

The online MSN program at King is a great opportunity for nurses to gain the background needed to become a CLNC.

Clinical Staff Leader

Clinical staff leaders manage a team of nurses and assistants at a medical facility. With additional scheduling and training roles, staff leaders ensure that the needs of patients are constantly met. These nurses will still likely be involved in the treatment of some patients, but they mostly work in a supervisory role.

Through King’s MSN program, nurses can become effective leaders in a medical workplace. Graduates f of the degree will be perfectly suited for stepping into this position.

Nursing Professor

For those more interested in training the next generation of nurses, becoming a nursing professor is an exceptional opportunity. Nursing professors usually work at a traditional four-year institution or a two-year nursing college, giving students the tools necessary to be successful as medical professionals.

At King University, the nursing education concentration specifically prepares graduates for this field.

Medical Sales Professional

Most nurses wouldn’t consider themselves ready for a role in medical sales, but having a nursing background can be a great benefit for a career in the sales industry.

The medical background of nursing can offer a unique advantage in sales. Nurses will be able to connect with medical professionals in ways that a regular salesperson cannot. Many former RNs work as equipment salespeople and in pharmaceutical sales.

At King University, students can learn more about the various business issues that surround the nursing profession. Instructors offer the skills graduates need to move higher on the professional ladder.

So What’s Next?

The online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) at King University was created for nurses interested in moving beyond the usual RN work. Highly trained instructors will prepare you to specialize and succeed in advanced nursing roles.

Because our flexible course schedule is designed for working nurses who aren’t able to participate in a traditional graduate degree program, our staff will work with you to ensure time constraints don’t prevent you from earning your degree. Contact us today to learn how to get started.