Careers With a Bachelor of Business Administration

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Jobs with a Bachelor of Business Administration

Education Level Associated with Higher Earnings, Lower Unemployment Rate
If you are looking for the value of higher education, consider this—the college graduate is expected to earn $1 million more over his or her lifetime than a professional with just a high school diploma. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), education is directly linked to higher annual earnings and lower unemployment rates.

Degree Unemployment Rate in 2012 Average Weekly Earnings in 2012
High School Diploma 8.3 Percent $652
Some College 7.7 Percent $727
Associate’s Degree 6.2 Percent $785
Bachelor’s Degree 4.5 Percent $1,066
Master’s Degree 3.5 Percent $1,300

If you think education doesn’t matter in today’s job market, you are wrong. A business degree gives you a competitive edge in the job market and offers versatile skills and knowledge for career diversity and success.
Careers for the Business Student
The program curriculum delivers a broad range of core competencies that are critical to success in today’s global economy, including management principles, marketing strategies, financial analysis, human resource development and more. Graduates with a business degree are prepared for diverse jobs, including these popular careers:

  • Management consultant: Companies often look to consultants to help create new and innovative business strategies to improve brand awareness, enhance customer service and increase profits. Many consultants choose to specialize in a specific business field or area for maximum service and results.
  • Advertising or marketing specialist: Business savvy professionals with a creative mind are ideal for advertising or marketing roles. These professionals help sell a service or product through effective promotional initiatives and are even in charge of promoting the company’s brand among its target audience and surrounding community.
  • Accountant: Business is a numbers game, and accountants play an important role in keeping businesses financially stable and ensure that tax laws and regulations are followed.
  • Health care administrator: Health care is the largest industry in our economy and is quickly growing. Business leaders are needed to manage all aspects of health care facilities to ensure medical services are being delivered to patients in a cost-effective and productive manner.
  • Sales: Many businesses depend on sales teams to drive profits. Sales team members work directly with the consumer to provide answers to questions and real solutions to help improve products and services.
  • Entrepreneur: Begin a new business adventure by starting your own business. You will be in charge of every aspect of this new venture.