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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Online MBA Overview

Designed to provide you with the skills you need to enter various management positions, our online MBA gives ambitious leaders the chance to go further in their careers.

As a Master of Business Administration online student, you’ll learn a host of skills applicable to your professional growth. Throughout the program, you’ll study management, research, theoretical systems, quantitative analysis, ethical practices, and more, preparing you to become an effective and strategic business leader in a variety of settings.

The online MBA offers three concentrations, allowing you to tailor your course of study to fit your unique professional goals. We offer concentrations in:

  • Healthcare Administration
  • Management
  • Project Management

At King University, the online MBA incorporates case analysis with individual preparation and small group discussions. The curriculum also adopts and implements creative components designed for personal skill development, such as team-based learning models. You’ll study a range of managerial topics, such as:

  • Project management
  • Problem solving
  • Business communication
  • Policy development
  • Ethical decision making
  • Research methods
  • Statistics analysis
  • Plan development and assessment

Because the Master of Business Administration online program is offered in a fully digital format, you’ll have the opportunity for learning online and to earn your degree on a schedule that works for you. King University’s online courses are the same as those offered on campus, meaning you’ll receive the same quality education as your on-ground peers, no matter where you live.

The Online MBA is Designed For…

  • Individuals who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree looking to continue learning online
  • Employees who want to advance to positions of leadership within their organizations
  • Working adults who want to earn an advanced degree while maintaining other commitments
  • Those with at least two years of work experience

Courses and Requirements

The primary goal of the online MBA program is to prepare students to be effective strategic leaders and managers. The program provides a solid foundation in core business areas such as accounting, finance, economics, statistics, marketing, strategy, and international business. The online MBA program requires 36 semester hours.

Course of Study

Students who do not have an academic background in business will be enrolled in the following business principles seminars in the appropriate semesters. These seminars must be completed before starting the corresponding course in the MBA program.

Course #TitleDescriptionCredits
BUSA 4890StatisticsThis course has been carefully designed to sharpen the graduate learner’s skill in quantitative analysis in order to make the quantitative and research methods course more productive and rewarding. Topics include coverage of basic spreadsheet analysis and inferential and descriptive statistics. This course is two weeks long and is exclusively online.
BUSA 4891EconomicsThis course has been carefully designed to sharpen the graduate learner’s skill in economics analysis in order to make the Managerial Economics course more productive and rewarding. Topics include coverage of microeconomics. This course is two weeks long and is exclusively online.
BUSA 4892AccountingThis course is designed to give the graduate business student an introduction to accounting. It is not a comprehensive course but a preparation for a more comprehensive course that the student will take during the progress of the graduate program. This course is for the student who either has no prior exposure to accounting or that exposure was long enough ago as to be effectively not useful to the student. This course is two weeks long and exclusively online.
BUSA 4893FinanceThis course is carefully designed to equip learners with fundamental skills and understanding of financial analysis. Topics include coverage of basic financial statement analysis and time value of money. This course is two weeks long and exclusively online.
BUSA 4894MarketingThis course is an introduction to marketing principles in preparation for BUSA 5050 Strategic Marketing. Topics to be introduced include an analysis of the marketing environment and the marketing mix. This course introduces marketing principles to MBA students who have not taken an undergraduate marketing course. This course is two weeks long and exclusively online.
Course #TitleDescriptionCredits
BUSA 5010LeadershipThe course examines the leadership process as an influence relationship among leaders and followers. A central tenet of this course is that leadership can be learned. The course explores important organizational and behavioral issues in the leader-follower relationship; including the evolution of leadership theory, personal characteristics of leaders and followers, motivation and empowerment, teamwork, power and influence, and change management.3
BUSA 5030Quantitative and Research MethodsThis course is an introduction to quantitative research methods in business. It addresses the various purposes and approaches to conducting research, studies the research process, and develops methods of analyzing data using statistical software as a tool to aid in management decision-making. Emphasis is on understanding the concepts of statistical analyses, choosing appropriate tools and procedures to use in a given context, using the computer to carry out the procedures, and then interpreting the computer results within the given context. Graduate learners will have an opportunity to synthesize these concepts as consumers of research (by critiquing published research) and as producers of research (quantitative analysis is built into the remaining elements of the business program. Prerequisite: BUSA 4890 or a signed course waiver.3
BUSA 5040Economics of Organizational Architecture and StrategyThis course is designed to expand the graduate learner’s understanding of how economic analysis can help corporate managers maximize firm value. Management theory has long recognized the importance of thoroughly assessing a firm’s internal and external environments as a foundation for strategic and operating initiatives. A thorough application of the tools of economics can enrich this process, providing new insights and strategic options. Accordingly, this course will concentrate on the use of economic tools to enhance the effectiveness of strategic positioning and organizational structure. Cases and problems are used to gain an understanding of these economic tools and their potential use for solving real-world problems. Prerequisite: BUSA 4891 or a signed course waiver.3
BUSA 5050MarketingMarketing Management encompasses an extensive range of activities and concepts and is based on the systems approach to management. Today, marketing takes place in a very dynamic marketplace where national economies are being affected by globalization and technological changes. This course provides managers with a broad overview of marketing principles for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, including an emphasis on customer/client satisfaction and advanced marketing strategies. Graduate learners are given the opportunity to perform case analysis and develop a marketing plan. Prerequisite: BUSA 4894 or a signed course waiver.3
BUSA 5061Accounting for Managerial Decision-MakingThis course focuses on Cost centers and profit centers, examines cost accounting, job order process, and activity-based cost accounting systems, and managerial accounting as a decision support system. Cases and problems are used to gain an understanding of these economic tools and their potential use for solving real-world problems. Prerequisite: BUSA 4892 or a signed course waiver.3
BUSA 5062Strategic Financial ManagementThis course is designed to help managers understand financial analysis so that they can work effectively with financial decision-makers in organizations. Topics covered include financial statement analysis, risk and return, discounted cash flow analysis, cost of capital, capital budgeting, long-term financing, and working capital management. Prerequisite: BUSA 4893 or a signed course waiver.3
BUSA 5069Business LawThis course addresses legal problems confronting professionals in business. It focuses on sources of law, contracts, torts, employment, business organizations and other areas of interest to managers, business owners, and others in the business arena. Course work is targeted toward the practical application of rules of law in the workplace.3
BUSA 5090Strategic ManagementIn this course, graduate learners examine strategic processes that influence the direction of an organization. Graduate learners explore techniques for defining the mission and objectives of an enterprise, understanding competitive forces and industry dynamics, analyzing components of sustained competitive advantage, matching organizational strengths with environmental opportunities, and developing strategies and policies to achieve the organization’s mission and balance the interests of relevant stakeholders.3
BUSA 5990Comprehensive AssessmentGraduate level. All candidates for a degree from King are required to demonstrate competency in their major field. Students with more than one major must demonstrate competency in each of their major fields. All students will have to pass according to the minimum requirement of their department. Any student who does not meet the requirement (Pass) of their comprehensive assessment of their major field will not graduate until the requirement has been met. Comprehensive assessment in business.0
BUSA 5730Applied Management ScienceThis course emphasizes the application of quantitative models to complex business situations and the communication of model results to business executives. The quantitative topics addressed in the course are linear programming, inventory control models, time series and causal forecasting models, and the critical path method for project management.3
Online MBA Concentrations

In addition to the core Master of Business Administration online coursework, students can focus their MBA studies. The online MBA concentration tracks are designed to thoroughly prepare you to enter the industry and position of your choice.

Course #TitleDescriptionCredits
BUSA 5410Healthcare SystemsAn introduction to the structure and function of the medical care delivery system. Includes basic concepts and measures of health, disease, quality, values, needs and utilization; issues in healthcare manpower, institutions and system organization; general issues in policy, reimbursement and regulation; broad community, and organizational considerations in medical care organizations.3
BUSA 5420Legal and Ethical Issues in HealthcareExposes the students to the legal system as it affects the healthcare industry. The course addresses the numerous legal and ethical issues raised by advances in technology, changing societal values, decreasing resources, and increasing professional liability.3
BUSA 5430Managed HealthcareIn-depth analysis of the various managed healthcare delivery models. Emphasis is given to the managed care continuum. Topics include: types of managed care organizations, provider payment plans, utilization control, underwriting and rate setting, management and marketing aspects, and legal and healthcare policy issues.3
Course #TitleDescriptionCredits
BUSA 5020Managing for Organizational EffectivenessThis course addresses the critical need of managing human resources for organizational effectiveness. Topics include motivating individuals and teams, performance evaluation, distribution of power, information, and resources; intervention in systems; and creation of change-oriented cultures.3
BUSA 5200Building Competitive Advantage: Human Resource DevelopmentThis course gives the graduate learner the opportunity to study, in a seminar setting, the most recent thinking on building competitive advantage through human resource development (HRD). An integrated portfolio of topic areas and the opportunity to present current, relevant strategies and resources in today’s organizations will be focused upon throughout the course (elective).3
BUSA 5201Operations ManagementAn advanced study of the field of operations management and decision theory as related to business, economic, and industrial decision-making in a changing global and technological environment. Emphasis is placed on the business processes that transform organizational and human resources into value-added goods and services. Extensive use of the spreadsheet as a decision support tool is integrated throughout the course.3
Course #TitleDescriptionCredits
BUSA 5550Project Management EssentialsThis course will focus on the essential activities of project management that include planning, implementation, scheduling, project control, closure, and termination. Additionally, the course will provide a generic approach and prospective to the project management process.3
BUSA 5560Project Management Body of KnowledgeThis course utilizes a holistic approach that provides students with the skills and knowledge to manage technology, human resources, culture, stakeholders and other diverse elements necessary to complete a project successfully. Utilization of leadership, team building, conflict resolution, negotiation, and influence in equal amounts with traditional technical skills of any field will be practiced.3
BUSA 5570Process Project ArchitectureThe focus of this course is Project Process Architecture (PPA), which is a methodology specifically designed for IT/Business Projects so that movement through the projects can be accomplished at an accelerated pace. The student will be exposed to a process that involves 6 Stage Gates and 33 Steps, all of which are similar but uniquely different from the Process Groups and Knowledge Areas of Project Management Body of Knowledge. The process that will be mastered in this course has been successfully used in the following industries: banking, publications, manufacturing, finance, insurance, healthcare, education, apparel, communications, non-profits, and public organizations.3

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for the online MBA program, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. A bachelor’s degree earned from a regionally accredited college or university
  2. A minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale on all prior academic work
    • Students with a lower GPA may be considered and accepted on a conditional basis provided they are able to demonstrate their plans to succeed in the King University MBA online program.

Note: GMAT is not required for admission into the MBA program.

How to Apply

To apply for the Master of Business Administration online program, students must submit the following materials:

  1. A completed application
  2. Evidence of completion of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university prior to enrolling
  3. An official transcript request form. Your Enrollment Counselor will help you complete this step.
  4. Two professional or academic recommendations: Submit names and email addresses
  5. Resume
  6. Personal Statement: Should be 750–1000 words indicating interest in the program, professional preparation, academic experience, job related history and career goals
  7. Interview with MBA Program Coordinator

Have questions about this program or the admissions process? Request information and get connected to one of our knowledgeable enrollment counselors, who will help you start your online MBA training.

Career Outcomes

Graduates of King University’s online MBA program may choose to pursue careers as:

  • Medical and Health Services Managers
  • Compensation and Benefits Managers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • General and Operations Managers
  • Strategy and Operations Managers
  • Product Operations Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Flexible Outcomes-Based Funding

King University is committed to ensuring that every student who seeks to further his or her career has that opportunity. To support this mission, King works with a host of mission-aligned partners that provide funding to support our high-outcome degree programs, such as the MBA program. After students have exhausted scholarships and grants, and as an alternative to PLUS loans and private loans, King’s MBA students have access to Income Share Agreements (ISAs) as another affordable funding option that never requires a cosigner, and where students only pay based on future earnings, while also gaining access to additional career support & resources! Learn more HERE.

Online Learning

Studying online prepares you for a successful future. Discover a learning format that offers:

  • Flexibility and Convenience
  • Personalized Academics
  • Equal Excellence
  • Opportunity of Self Insight