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Online MSN Courses

Healthcare has become the nation’s leading industry with technology innovations and advancing patient care services driving continued growth through the next decade. To keep pace with this complex growth, healthcare is trending toward advanced degree requirements for managerial-level positions. A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) puts you on the track for professional growth and career advancement and provides a platform for continued education and even a doctorate degree. King University’s MSN is offered 100 percent online and provides an accessible alternative to advancing your career through continued education. Nurses enrolled in the King University MSN degree program can choose among two concentrations for a specialized learning experience with supporting curriculum that is targeted for your career focus. Curriculum helps build a solid nursing foundation through theoretical concepts, research-based studies and practical learning experience. The MSN delivers a well-rounded academic experience that can be tailored to your career goals and professional needs.

Core Requirements

    • NURS 5000 Theoretical Basis of Nursing Practice (3 s.h.)
    • NURS 5001 Research Design in Nursing (3 s.h.)
    • NURS 5010 Social, Cultural and Political Perspectives on Healthcare and Delivery Systems (3 s.h.)
    • NURS 5012 Global Health Awareness (3 s.h.)
    • NURS 5014 Healthcare Informatics (3 s.h.)

Total Core Hours:  15 semester hours


Track Specialized Semester Hours Total Program Semester Hours Clinical Practicum Hours
Administration 20 s.h. 35 s.h. 395 hrs.
Education 24 s.h. 39 s.h. 420 hrs.

Clinical experiences are completed under the guidance and supervision of a faculty member and a preceptor in the field study during the practicum courses. All preceptors must hold a minimum preparation at the master’s level.

Nurse Educator students are prepared for the direct role of nursing education in both the academic and clinical settings. Students gain experience in a variety of areas to attain the required 420 clinical practicum hours while working with academic educators and clinical educators.

Nurse Administrators are prepared to be successful mid- to upper-level managers in a variety of healthcare settings. Students are provided the opportunity to gain administrative experience by completing the required clinical practicum hours in his/her workplace or other healthcare facility. Selected clinical, administrative, and research experiences provide students with the opportunity to function as a nurse executive.

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