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Social Work Courses

100% Online Accredited Degree Program

King University's online Bachelor of Social Work degree program provides an opportunity for current or future professionals to advance in their career.

Online Social Work Courses

General Education Core Requirements (in semester hours):

Prior to graduation, all undergraduate students must complete at least 30 semester hours of general education courses that include at least one (1) course in each of the following:

  • Composition
  • College mathematics
  • Science (with a laboratory)
  • Religion or psychology or sociology or anthropology or foreign language
  • History or political science or economics
  • Humanities: literature or art or fine art or music or theatre

To reach the remainder of the 30 hours students must take any course(s) in the arts and sciences.

Social Work Major Requirements:

  • SOWK 3410: Historical Foundations and Contemporary Issues (4 s.h.)
  • SOWK 4410: Social Work Policy (4 s.h.)
  • SOWK 3610: Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Person and Environment Perspective (4 s.h.)
  • SOWK 3620: Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Life Course Perspective (4 s.h.)
  • SOWK 3810: Generalist Practice (4 s.h.)
  • SOWK 3820: Family and Group Practice (4 s.h.)
  • SOWK 3420: Human Diversity and Ethical Issues (4 s.h.)
  • SOWK 3180: Social Work Research and Evaluation (4 s.h.)
  • SOWK 3830: Community and Organizations Practice (4 s.h.)
  • SOWK 3840: Writing for Social Workers (4 s.h.)
  • SOWK 4800: Integrative Practice (12 s.h.)
  • Total: 54 semester hours

Degree format: 100% ONLINE

.*Students will complete the Comprehensive Assessment in the semester that they graduate. All students must pass according to the minimum requirements of their department.

To graduate from King University, students must accumulate at least 124 semester hours (48 of which must be completed at King University).

Undergraduate Transfer Credit

Credits from previously attended colleges or universities will be evaluated based on institutional accreditation, level, content, quality, comparability and degree of program relevance and those accepted will be applied to the new degree being sought, up to a maximum of 76 semester hours.

However, the University will grant semester-hour equivalence only for transfer work with a grade of C- or better, and only work with grades of C- or better will apply toward graduation requirements. Students may submit up to 16 semester hours of prior major coursework for transfer consideration.

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