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What is a Web Developer?

August 23, 2013

Business has gone viral. Customers are turning to the Internet to research businesses and their goods and services before they make a purchase. And, companies are discovering the importance of having a strong online brand presence to gain market share. You can capitalize on this trend and build a lucrative career as a Web developer. So, what is a Web developer and how can you become one? Learn more about this desired technology career and about an online information technology degree from King University.

Web Developer creating a website

man drawing website wireframe

Web developers map out websites to ensure users can find the information they need.

What Web Developers Do

Users are looking for an advanced online experience when browsing the Web, including:

  • A functional interface
  • Seamless navigation
  • Eye-catching design and
  • Informative content.

To this end, responsibilities of today’s Web developer go far beyond creating a dynamic look for a website. They are responsible for the overall user experience and must consider all of the above technical aspects of a site to ensure prospective customers stay engaged and convert to paying customers.

Web developers often work as part of a team to establish a comprehensive marketing plan that includes interactive initiatives to meet a client’s online needs. Once a plan has been established, Web developers will get to work:

  • Designing web applications
  • Writing functional code and
  • Creating a seamless layout design to attract customers.

After a site has been established, Web developers will continuously look for ways to improve it through code updates and application upgrades, new content and graphic elements as well as layout tweaks. Web developers also monitor traffic to ensure customers are finding the site and determine specific analytic information regarding the site’s pages. Keeping a careful watch on this data can ensure a company successfully launches an effective online presence.

How to Become a Web Developer

A Web developer is one career path for graduates of King University’s information technology degree online program. A bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science will build a strong education foundation while preparing you for diversified careers in technology. Web developers must have an understanding of HTML as well as other coding language, including JavaScript or SQL. Web developers should also have experience using various design software and multimedia publishing tools such as the Adobe Design Suite. Since new software and tools along with updates to current products are constantly entering the market, Web developers must keep track of these products to stay competitive in a growing field.

Job Outlook for Web Developers

Like much of the tech field, employment projections for Web developers are strong through the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Web developers will experience an estimated 22 percent employment growth through 2020. Demand is connected to an economic resurgence and the integration of mobile and Web-based commerce in today’s retail environment.

Web Developer projected jobs graph

Similar Careers

An information technology degree is a valuable credential for today’s tech-dependent economy. Consider these other profitable tech careers for King University graduates:

Computer systems analyst: Technology can enhance workplace efficiency when harnessed effectively. Computer systems analysts work with company leaders and department managers to develop new networks, introduce new technology and implement smarter processes and procedures to improve workplace outcomes.

Database administrator: Modern companies operate on big data stores. Database administrators manage this data and monitor the security of company data, networks and other information.

Computer and information research scientist: Technology powers modern business. Computer and information research scientists organize and implement computer-related activities within a business and often work in complex industries managing technical processes.

Computer programmer: Computers function using their own language. Computer programmers write code that gives computers operating instructions to perform necessary tasks and operations.

Software developer: Computer software can make simplify the functionality of computers and supporting programs for the user. Software developers understanding what types of programs and applications are needed by the consumer. These professionals will research market needs and demands to design effective software.

Operations research analyst: Technology can help solve complex business issues. Operations research analysts use advanced analytics and methodologies to create usable solutions to these issues.