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Ten International Business Jobs with an MBA

April 18, 2014

Flags representing the different countries

In today’s economy, the business world has gone global. The traditional boundaries that have existed between markets have all but disappeared, due to technological developments that make it easy to communicate and do business across continents. This means that American businesses have customers from around the world, and professionals are able to apply their skills and experience to countries and markets outside of the U.S.

Most business professionals will have interaction with international clients and influences in some way or another. If you are looking for a way to advance your career with an online MBA degree, you have probably considered international business as an option. This means that you need to understand the complexities involved in doing business with partners from other countries, and the in-depth education provided by King University’s MBA program is a great way to get the skills you need. Earning your MBA is the best way to be prepared for a career in any sector of the business world, finance to marketing. The MBA degree from King University will help you meet the challenges of diverse business opportunities in the modern, international market. We’ve put together a list of career fields for MBA students who are interested in taking their experience to the international level.

International banking

These business professionals can work at local banks with foreign accounts or at a foreign-owned bank that does business in the U.S. International banks tend to offer their services to companies and fairly wealthy individuals. Companies do business with international banks in order to help facilitate international business.

International economics

Economists study the market while analyzing and examining trends in order to make projections about future market behavior. An international economist performs these same duties on an international level. Companies that are involved with international markets use international economists to examine economies and make projections about the places they are interested in potentially doing business with.

Management analysis

Management analysts also go by the title of management consultants. They analyze the operations of companies to evaluate their efficiency, profit margins and structures. At the international level, management analysts examine how the international aspects of companies can be improved. This position in particular often involves traveling or living abroad.

International accounting

International accountants help companies understand currency exchanges and create financial statements for other countries’ laws and specifications. They also make sure companies comply with the various tax laws in place in other countries.

Import/export compliance

These professionals can also be called customs compliance specialists. They work in both the federal government and the private sector, but can also be independent contractors who work for multiple companies. In this career, you’ll maintain the compliance of imports and exports within domestic and international regulator law.

Foreign service

This type of professional is employed by the federal government and lives abroad in order to help protect U.S. interests and citizens. A large portion of their duties are concerned with promoting cooperation with their foreign country of residence. If you are interested in this type of career, you’ll need to pass the Foreign Service Officer Test and agree to live anywhere in the world.

International account management

International account representatives, also known as international sales representatives, are responsible for creating and maintaining relationships between their companies and overseas clients. Extensive travel is usually required in this position.

International marketing/sales analysis

This position conducts market research to determine which overseas countries or regions might provide good opportunities for their companies. They also analyze how best to sell products and services successfully in these new markets.

International mergers and acquisitions

When a company decides to partner with or purchase a company that is based abroad, these specialists get in contact with potential businesses and markets to identify whether they are in line with the company’s goals. They do research, negotiate the partnerships and help facilitate the new business relationships they create.

International product management

These professionals are concerned with product development. They take ownership of a specific product, service or product line and help to design, market, enhance, sell and get customer feedback about it.

Getting Your MBA with King University

At King, we understand that our MBA students need to be prepared for work in a variety of international markets and environments. That’s why our curriculum guides you through methods of management, research, theoretical systems, skill development and ethical practices for the modern business world. The program blends classroom case analysis with individual preparation and small group discussions, including a team-based learning model. The online MBA degree from King University is a 36-hour program that is designed for students who want to enhance their business administration knowledge and skills in order to advance their career.