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Earn Your Bachelor of Information Technology

October 14, 2011

Job Prospects are Strong for IT Professionals

In a stalled economy, you want to ensure your degree is worth your time and resources. Understanding the job market in relation to your interests is important in determining the value of your degree. A bachelor of information technology is a valuable degree for individuals interested in technology and business management. IT professionals with an associate’s degree in IT should consider earning their bachelor of information technology in order to increase their market value and open doors to new and higher paying job opportunities.

A Growing Marketplace for IT Professionals

The information technology (IT) industry continues to see strong growth despite an economy marred by high unemployment rates and slow to no job creation at the national level. This growth in job prospects within the IT industry can be attributed to society’s rising dependency on technology within the workplace. Businesses depend on IT professionals to keep their operating systems, including telephones, computers and networks running efficiently in order to maintain productivity and profit levels. A company’s IT staff is crucial to the health of the business. Thus, these team members are highly valued.

The IT field is expansive with various career paths for an individual to choose from according to their interests and skill set.

  • Web developers and programmers are utilized by companies to build efficient and unique websites and software.
  • As companies grow, large amounts of data continue to be created. Database managers create efficient ways to securely store this data as well as means for data recovery should the system fail.
  • A network manager maintains a company’s various networks, including LANs, WANs and intranets. In some instances, the network manager will design and build these networks for a company.
  • IT professionals are often charged with the security of a company’s networks and must protect them from potential cyber-attacks, including hackers, viruses and breaches.

The Real Value in Your Degree

In today’s marketplace, most entry-level IT positions require a bachelor of information technology for consideration of employment. This four-year degree will prepare a prospect IT professional for most advanced careers in the information technology industry with courses in engineering, math and computer science.

IT professionals are often well-paid earning between $40,000 and $100,000 a year. Future projections estimate a 20% job growth in many areas of the IT industry. This is type of job security is not common in today’s economy.

A bachelor of information technology is your first step in moving your career towards job security and higher paying salaries. Your value within the business environment will continue to grow as our dependency on technology increases.