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8 Business Associations in Tennessee that Help Students Make Connections

February 27, 2014

Developing strong networks with influential connections can help you get ahead in today’s workforce. As a business student, you should consider joining business associations now to establish a solid network of high profile power players to help you in your career ventures after graduating from King University with one of our online business degrees. Our bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration can be the first steps toward a better business career, while membership in one of the following business associations can solidify your success.

Tennessee Business Association (TBA)

The TBA is a member-driven organization focused on professional development, advocacy, industry leadership, community outreach and member benefits. Organizational leaders use their memberships to push for initiatives important to the vitality of Tennessee businesspersons and drive change that positively affects members.

Tennessee Veterans Business Association (TVBA)

If you are a military student, you may consider membership in the TVBA during your course of study at King University as a way to connect to Tennessee’s veteran business leaders. The organization targets veteran-owned businesses and offers a unified voice in government advocacy, community outreach and professional development. The organization also provides members with affordable marketing options, networking opportunities and career support.

Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the ultimate voice in government advocacy for small- to medium-sized businesses. Through membership dues and sponsorships, the Chamber is able to champion a stronger Tennessee workforce through economic development, continued education, professional development and community outreach. The Chamber is continuously moving to enhance the business environment in Tennessee and create a climate for increased job creation and economic achievement.

Energy, Technology and Environmental Business Association (ETEBA)

Tennessee is home to many specialized associations that promote focused business sectors. ETEBA represents more than 250 small, large and mid-sized companies that provide environmental, technology, energy, engineering, construction and related services to government and commercial clients. The organization is driven to support members through market understanding, government advocacy and the identification of specialized business opportunities. Members are privy to exceptional networking opportunities, group advocacy and representation, community outreach and an abundance of supportive resources.

Tennessee Business Travel Association (TBTA)

Prospective business professionals in the travel industry should join TBTA for connections to a global network. TBTA is an official chapter of the Global Business Travel Association and provides a collaborative member forum for the exchange of business ideas, initiatives and programs among business leaders in travel sectors, including corporate travel, travel industry suppliers and regulatory agencies. Driven by a commitment to sustain and promote the travel industry, TBTA focuses on sponsored educational and informational programs, industry advocacy and networking opportunities for its robust membership.

Tennessee Business Education Association (TBEA)

Business professionals with an interest in academia and advanced education can join TBEA for a supportive organization created to promote business educators throughout Tennessee. TBEA members operate under a founding mission guided by four main principles. These include enabling students to achieve personal and career goals. Also, developing lifelong learners who read, comprehend and communicate well, who have a firm basis in English and math and who can adapt to changing job market trends. Next, leading students to entry-level employment or continued education; and finally, educating a global community with an appreciation for cultural diversity.

Small Business Administration (SBA) äóñ Tennessee District Office

The SBA has been committed to the betterment of small businesses throughout the country since its founding in 1953. From then through now, the SBA has delivered loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to support the needs of America’s small businesses. The Tennessee District Office plans and promotes development initiatives, networking events and funding efforts to support small businesses throughout Tennessee. Involvement in the area SBA will provide you with meaningful connections with Tennessee’s entrepreneurs and provide you with the resources after graduation to initiate your own business plans.

Tennessee Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

If you are a King University student with a big business idea, you should become involved in the Tennessee SBDC, an organization focused on empowering the small business owner and entrepreneurs. With a large network of interconnected members from across the state, the Tennessee SBDC provides meaningful connections, professional resources and links to financial support for members.

Membership of involvement in business associations and organizations can provide you with connections that can later lead to a new career. King University’s business degree programs provide a foundation for a business legacy. Connections made through association membership can help build that legacy.