What is a Technical Writer?

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King University’s Bachelor of Communication can open up new career opportunities for you in the communications field.

What is a Technical Writer?

Technical writers create collateral for employees, manufactures, users and other stakeholders to help navigate complex processes and technical information. They must be able to clearly communicate advanced concepts so that they are easily understood by the average person. Collateral may include operating or assembly instructions, how-to manuals, FAQ pages and other supportive resource tools that ease or simplify the user experience.

Technical writers must be adept in simplifying complex information and are often on the ground floor of the development and testing process to manage the flow of information. Technical writers will work with a variety of team members, including designers, software developers, engineers and scientists to draft comprehensive and efficient collateral for stakeholder use.

Career Outlook

Job growth for technical writers is projected to be strong through the next decade according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which estimates a 17 percent growth in employment by 2020. Much of this growth is being spurred on by the continued development and expansion of professional, scientific and technical firms that serve an important role in the economy’s future growth and development.

Growth in this field has also been pushed by the increasing reliance on technology by businesses and consumers alike to improve the efficiency and convenience of daily routines and tasks for smarter, better ways of doing business. Technical writers are needed to clearly communicate complex concepts to users and other stakeholders.

The median annual salary for technical writers is over $63,000.

The King University Advantage

King University announces a zero percent tuition increase for the 2013-2014 terms in an effort to maintain our commitment to affordable education. King University is also proud to offer the Bachelor of Communication degree 100 percent online for professionals interested in a communication career bridging quality and accessibility for our adult learners.

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