Careers With a Criminal Justice Degree

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Criminal Justice Degree Jobs
A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice serves as a valuable credential when seeking a position in the criminal justice system and prepares you for a complex and diverse career in various law enforcement sectors. Join forces with King University and enroll in online criminal justice degree program for a new career in law enforcement.

Tennessee to See Eight Percent Job Growth

Criminal justice degree jobs are on the rise in communities across the nation, with job outlook numbers varying state by state. There is a strong career outlook for criminal justice professionals in Tennessee. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field expected to grow by eight percent through the next decade. National job growth statistics are even higher, as criminal justice professionals are projected to see an estimated 11 percent growth in hiring across the nation.

State Salaries for Jobs in Criminal Justice

Salaries for criminal justice careers vary state by state and with level of service. Below is a listing of Tennessee’s average annual wages, according to the BLS, for various criminal justice degree jobs.

  • Administrative law judges: $83,970
  • Arbitrators: $74,860
  • Bailiffs: $28,890
  • Correctional officers: $31,820
  • Court reporters: $67,890
  • Detectives: $54,180
  • Managers of correctional officers: $47,420
  • Managers of police officers and detectives: $59,100
  • Fish and game wardens: $49,540
  • Judges: $101,240
  • Law clerks: $26,800
  • Lawyers: $117,400
  • Paralegals: $39,930
  • Sheriff’s patrol officers: $40,870
  • Private investigators: $41,330

Education in Demand in Law Enforcement

The criminal justice system is growing increasingly complex as the level of security demands increase nationwide. Continued innovation of new technologies and the efficiency of police operations has raised the level of security and surveillance across the country and enhanced law enforcement efforts. But, with new technology and process comes increased complexity, and, while some local law enforcement agencies do not have stringent education requirements, state and federal forces are raising the level of education expectation to bolster forces, improve efficiency and secure the public.

A criminal justice degree from King University is tailored specifically for current professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expand their skills to deliver a higher level of service to the public.