Tuition & Financial Aid Information

We make college education affordable! The cost of attending King University Online includes tuition, tech fees and course materials. Financial aid is need-based and available to all students who qualify. Apply for financial aid at your earliest convenience to take advantage of all available aid.

King University Tuition


Full Time Tuition 
(Cost per semester hour)
Associate of Arts = $300 /semester hour
BA in English = $300 /semester hour
Bachelor of Business Administration= $300 /semester hour
BS Communication= $300 /semester hour
BS Criminal Justice= $300 /semester hour
BA in English = $300 /semester hour
BS in Health Care Administration = $300 /semester hour
BS in Health Informatics = $300 /semester hour
BS in History = $300 /semester hour
BS in Information Technology = $300 /semester hour
BS in Interdisciplinary Studies = $300 /semester hour
BS in Nursing (RN to BSN) = $325 /semester hour
BS in Psychology = $300 /semester hour
BS in Religious Studies = $300 /semester hour
MBA = $600 /semester hour
M.Ed. = $360 /semester hour
MSN = $600 /semester hour
MBA prerequisite courses = $150 /course hour
Pathway courses = $300 /semester hour
LEAD 2200 course = $100 /semester hour

Active Duty Military
Tuition for active duty military = $250 /semester hour for all undergraduate programs.

Other Fees

Books:  Estimated $200 per course.

Technology Fee:  $100 fee per course (included in the Total Tuition).

Graduation Fee: Graduates are required to pay a one-time fee of $125.

Drug Test Fee: All students admitted to nursing programs starting in Fall 2018 will need to complete (and pass) a yearly urine drug screen. Cost is $40 per screen.

Insurance Fee: RN-BSN students are required to pay a $40 insurance fee.

Payment Procedures

Click here to learn more about payment options.


Financial Aid

Your financial aid must be complete prior to the course launch date, or you must make arrangements with the Student Services Office until financial aid is complete.

Financial aid is need-based and available for qualifying students. Students wishing to start an online program should apply as soon as possible to qualify for all available aid.

Tuition Cost – Your Family Contribution = Financial Need

Financial Aid Process

To apply for financial aid, visit the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
Our school code is 003496.

• We encourage you to apply for financial aid when you apply for admission.
• Once we receive confirmation of your acceptance into your selected program from the Admissions Office, we can access your federal financial aid information online.
• We will then compose a financial aid award letter detailing all the information that you are eligible to receive.

Consumer Information
To learn more about financial aid policies, credit transfer and other regulations, please visit

Student Right-To-Know
To learn more about King University campus security, disability services and other statistics, please visit

Contact Financial Aid
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the King University Financial Aid office at 423.652.4725 or e-mail

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