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B.S. Religious Studies Overview

At King University, the online Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies lays the broad-based groundwork you need to earn a versatile degree for a rewarding career in ministry and service to local and global communities.

In particular, we will prepare you to serve in church and parachurch organizations, and, if you choose, advanced study in seminaries or graduate schools. Combining the study of 21st century Christianity with that of understanding religions of the world and contemporary expressions of faith, our online degree in Religious Studies provides you with an up-to-date examination of faith in the modern era.

The program is intended for individuals who seek an academic and passionate approach to serving the world in the 21st century. The Bible and Religion department upholds and educates students in an intelligent understanding of the Christian Scriptures, a thoughtful approach to theological thinking, and practical experiences in ministering to others.

As a religious studies student, you have opportunities to study in Italy, dig in an archaeological dig and then tour Israel-Palestine and Jordan, serve in local and global endeavors such as in Camden, New Jersey and Kenya, Africa, and minister to local churches in the Appalachian region. Course topics include:

  • How to Study the Bible: Interpretation
  • Old and New Testaments: Their Historical Context and Their Relevance for Today
  • Global Context of Religion: Utilizing Theory and Method to Understand Religion
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Theology and Interpretation of Theology
  • Koine’ Greek and Hebrew languages
  • The History and Archaeology of the Southern Levant
  • Missions in the 21st Century
  • Counseling in a Christian Context

When you graduate, you’ll be well prepared to follow any number of exciting career paths. Our graduates are prepared for careers ranging from clergy, service in parachurch organizations, chaplaincy in hospitals, chaplaincy in the U.S. military, humanitarian outreach, teaching, social sciences, law, and more.

Because our online religious studies degree is offered in a fully digital format, you’ll be able to attend class without sacrificing work and life commitments. Our courses provide working adults the ultimate flexibility in their education. Major coursework can be completed in 16 months.

The B.S. in Religious Studies Degree is Designed for…

  • Working adults with some college credit seeking to finish their bachelor’s degree
  • Individuals who want to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith
  • Those who want to enter theological seminary or graduate schools of religion and philosophy

Courses and Requirements

Our online Religious Studies degree requires 48 semester hours (12 courses) of major coursework. To graduate from King University, students must complete a total of 124 semester hours, which includes a mixture of major courses, general education courses, and additional courses which may come from credit transfers or electives.

Course of Study

To graduate from King University with a baccalaureate degree, all students must have earned 30 semester hours of common experience and general education courses. These courses include Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice, Citizenship, English Composition, Human Creative Products, Quantitative Literacy, Science, and additional credit hours from general education courses.

Students must earn a total of 38 semester hours of general electives.

Course #TitleDescriptionCredits
ENGL 2480Oxford Christian WritersAn introduction to some of the most influential British Christian authors of the middle of the 20th century: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dorothy Sayers, and Charles Williams. It will examine selected works from both literary and theological perspectives, so as to consider the marriage of the mind, imagination, and spirit. Prerequisite: ENGC 1110/11804
ENGL 2450Appalachia in Literature and FilmThis course seeks to acquaint students with the ways of studying and evaluating literature and film as interconnected artifacts. It will introduce the essential terminology related to literature and film analysis, explore notable aspects of the region of Appalachia, and focus on comparing literature versus film as creative texts. In considering matters of genre, theme, narrative technique, and imagery, students will engage film as if it were another form of literature. ENGL 2450 can fulfill the Human Creative Products core requirement.4
GREK 2000Ancient Greek II(Greek 2000, and its prerequisite Greek 1000, are recommended but not required.) An intermediate study of grammar and basic vocabulary for reading Hellenistic, especially New Testament, Greek4
HEBR 2000Ancient Hebrew IIAn intermediate study of grammar and basic vocabulary for reading classical (biblical) Hebrew4
PSCI 2020World PoliticsThis introductory course to world politics examines the nation-state, power, war, and cooperation—in short, the nature of the international political system. This course surveys the predominant theoretical paradigms that explain the international political system, the historical evolution of the international political system, sources of conflict in world politics, international political economy, as well as features of international government.4
Course #TitleDescriptionCredits
BIBL 2250Bible Study That MattersAn introduction to the practice of Biblical hermeneutics and interpretation of ancient texts. The class will examine the history and development of hermeneutics, including the most recent developments. Also included is practice in the interpretation of the different kinds of Biblical literature.4
BIBL 2251The Old Testament and InterpretationA survey of the content, message, and literary forms of the books of the Old Testament with attention given to the principles of biblical interpretation.4
BIBL 2252The New Testament and InterpretationA survey of the content, message, and literary forms of the books of the New Testament with attention given to the principles of biblical interpretation.4
BIBL 3520Historical Geography and Archaeology of the Southern LevantThis course will aim to give students a thorough overview of the land of the Bible from the Patriarchs to the Islamic conquests. Matters of topography, geology, history, and archaeology will be addressed in a manner that enhances the meaning of the Bible and enriches the student’s grasp of Biblical history.4
BIBL 4140PaulAn introduction to the life and thought of Paul with primary emphasis on the chief theological themes found in the apostle’s writings as they relate to distinctive settings in Acts.4
PHIL 2410Philosophy of ReligionA course designed to acquaint the student with some of the basic questions of philosophy of religion, the answers philosophers have given, and to help the student develop answers of his/her own.4
RELG 2430Understanding the World’s ReligionsThis course is a survey dealing with the ideas and practices of the world’s major religions. This introduction provides opportunity for Christian interface with world religions, cults, and sects.4
RELG 2500Introduction to IslamIslam encompasses many forms of practice, scriptural interpretations, and religious knowledge, but only some forms of Islam become the focus of mainstream public attention. In this course, we will examine some of the fundamental precepts, practices, and history of this religion from an academic perspective. Special attentions will be given to militant interpretations of Islam.4
BIBL 3040Life and Teaching of JesusA study focusing on the “quest” of the historical Jesus, the historicity of the gospel records, the life of Jesus, and the form and content of His teaching.4
RELG 3210Introduction to Theology and Theological ThinkingExamines the basic contents of Christian theology. It investigates theological- methodology, the philosophical presuppositions of various theological systems, and provides a basic acquaintance with theological vocabulary through readings and by survey of various creeds and confessions.4
RELG 3292Religion and Politics in a Global ContextThis course examines the prominent place of religion in this religiously plural geopolitical environment. It explores Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, Native American traditions, white Protestantism, and African and Asian religions, and their expression in global communities. It examines the relationship between politics and religion and its impact on contemporary events.4
BIBL 4050Hebrew Wisdom LiteratureAn exploration of the questions and literature of Israel’s wisdom tradition, especially Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes. Includes comparisons with modern authors and culture.4

To view the full Academic Catalog, CLICK HERE.

Admission Requirements

Students applying for the online religious studies degree program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.2 on a 4.0 scale
  2. Students with less than a 2.2 high school GPA may be considered and accepted on a conditional basis provided they are able to demonstrate their plans to succeed in the program.

General Admission Requirements

General requirements for admission to King University include graduation from an accredited or recognized high school, GED, or secondary institution with a minimum of 16 academic units, distributed as follows:

  1. Four units of English
  2. Two units of algebra (Algebra I and II)
  3. One unit of geometry
  4. Two units of foreign language
  5. Two units from history and social studies
  6. One unit of natural science
  7. Four units of other academic electives

Students educated at home should follow the same procedures as any other candidate for the freshman class.

Students should present a high school transcript and documentation, or its equivalent.

How to Apply

Students applying for an online bachelor’s degree program must submit the following materials:

  1. A completed online application
  2. An official transcript request form. A scanned copy may be emailed to your Enrollment Counselor.

Have questions about this program or the admissions process? Request information and get connected to one of our knowledgeable enrollment counselors.

Career Outcomes

Graduates of King University’s online religious studies program can choose to pursue careers as:

  • Clergy
  • Youth Ministers
  • Chaplains
  • Teachers
  • Non-profit Leaders
  • Parachurch Organizers
  • Missionaries
Online Learning

Studying online prepares you for a successful future. Discover a learning format that offers:

  • Flexibility and Convenience
  • Personalized Academics
  • Equal Excellence
  • Opportunity for Self Insight