RN to BSN Degree Online for Working Nurses

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Nursing Education at Its Best – King College Online

Registered nurses considering advancing their career and earning potential are looking to online programs to earn their bachelor of science in nursing for registered nurses (RN to BSN) while maintaining their full-time work schedule.

King College, a top nursing university located in Bristol, Tenn., and Bristol, Va., has designed an RN to BSN degree online that fits the needs of working nurses and provides the skills and knowledge necessary for graduates to attain a supervisor, management or leadership position. Now you can earn your bachelor of science in nursing degree completely online while keeping your current job.

The Benefits of Online RN to BSN Degree Program
The online nursing courses within the RN to BSN degree program are completely suitable for the cyber-learning environment. Working nurses and health care professionals find many benefits to completing their degree online, including:
• Course flexibility: An online nursing degree program allows nursing students to choose their course schedule and learn at their own pace. You can move as fast or as slow as your working schedule permits, keeping you on track to graduate when you want.
• Convenience: Working nurses often have busy and irregular schedules within a given week. Online courses eliminate the need to travel to and from campus throughout the day for lectures and class meetings. You can log in for coursework, assignments, discussions and projects when your schedule allows.
• Mobile location: Since all classes are all online, you decide where to attend classes. Whether you set up shop in your home, at a local coffee shop or the area library, all you need to log in is a computer with Internet connection. You do not need to drive to campus multiple times a day to sit in on an hour-long lecture. Turn on your computer when you’re ready to commence your classes.

King College has created an ideal RN to BSN degree online for working nurses. The 124-credit-hour program exposes you to the foundations of nursing and its core basics as well as hands-on practical experience. Motivated nurses looking for career advancement should consider earning their BSN degree. Learn more at https://online.king.edu/online-degree-programs/rn-bsn.