Online RN to BSN Programs Help Health Care Industry Keep Pace With Demand

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RN to BSN online programs train new wave of nursing professionals

The health care field is exceeding many industry experts’ projected growth estimates, and this growth goes beyond capacity. New technology innovations have elevated treatment methods and enhanced patient care and services, requiring a new generation of medical professionals to lead the industry forward. As such, current registered nurses (RN) who have an associate degree in nursing or similar license are turning to RN to BSN online programs to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) so they can update their nursing credentials while continuing to work full-time.

RN to BSN Online Programs Offer New Learning Platform

Continuing education is essential for nursing professional who want to keep pace with an advancing health care industry and position themselves for their own career growth opportunities. In the past, the challenge of earning a BSN while continuing to work full-time often prevented many nursing professionals from seeking advanced education. However, the advent of online education has ushered in a new wave of BSN-prepared nursing professionals who can make earning a degree fit their busy schedules. RN to BSN online programs are ideal for current nursing professionals. Consider the following:

· Well-rounded nursing professionals: Nurses who pursue an RN to BSN degree graduate with a more comprehensive understanding of today’s evolving health care environment and become better prepared to handle complex cases across a range of medical settings. A BSN creates more well-rounded nursing professionals who have leadership and management skills along with insights into health promotion and risk reduction.

· Advancement opportunities: BSN-prepared nurses move faster through the ranks and facility hierarchy into higher-paying leadership positions.

· Continued education: RN to BSN online programs help establish a solid foundation of advanced nursing principles and prepare students for continuing their education, including earning a master’s degree and other specialized degrees. Nurses will see substantial pay raises with each degree they obtain, as most health and wellness facilities base staff salary on both experience and education.