Nursing jobs and higher pay in Medical Centers require a BSN degree

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Pursue a Medical Center Career with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

Nurses searching for upper-level medical center careers should consider obtaining their bachelor of science in nursing degree (BSN) to position themselves for career growth and higher earning potential. Licensed registered nurses with an associate degree who are already working in the field may not be qualified for advanced positions without a bachelor of science in nursing degree. Earning your BSN will help you advance your career and open the door to well-paid jobs in the health care field.

Benefits of an RN to BSN Program
Licensed nurses who have worked for several years at a medical center have garnered patient management and relationship skills, clinical experience and firsthand knowledge that can come only from working in the field. However, most promotions in the nursing industry require a bachelor of science in nursing degree.

A registered nurse (RN) to BSN degree program provides licensed nurses with additional qualifications and management knowledge that can propel their career forward. Most RN to BSN degree programs require an associate degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing and accept transferred credits earned at other universities. Additionally, for registered nurses with demanding work schedules, online degree programs are a top choice, as they provide flexibility, convenience and great value.

Increase Your Earning Potential with Medical Center Careers
Most medical center jobs are available to nursing professionals with their BSN. Registered nurses who have earned an RN to BSN degree can qualify for management positions essential to medical center operation. Here are some of the various jobs available to BSN nurses:

• Clinical nursing managers act as unit leaders at medical centers and are charged with managing budgets, handling patient medical records and recruiting and retaining staff.
• Clinical audit managers assist medical center professionals to develop effective initiatives to support and improve various health care services and programs.
• Hospice coordinators manage the care of patients in hospice programs, which care for terminally ill patients and act as a resource for their families.
• Behavioral health program managers specialize in assisting patients improve and maintain their mental, emotional and behavioral wellness.

So, if you want to get a better nursing job (i.e., medical center position) and earn more, a college degree is a must. Enroll in an RN to BSN online degree program today at King College and pursue the career of your life. Help others heal and make a difference in your future at the same time. Learn more about King’s RN to BSN online program at