Nursing Careers With a BSN Degree

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Online RN to BSN programs position you for new health care careers

The health care industry is rapidly growing and needs a new generation of college-educated, qualified registered nurses (RNs) to fill complex roles, including management and leadership positions at health and wellness facilities across the country.Online RN to BSN programs are ideal for current nursing professionals seeking new career opportunities through continued education. The convenient and accelerated format of online education allows you to earn your degree quickly and according to your schedule. Earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and discover a plethora of nursing career opportunities in today’s health care market.

BSN-prepared Nurses Find Opportunities in Diverse Job Market

The health care industry is broad in scope and contains job opportunities in a variety of health and wellness facilities. Online RN to BSN programs strengthen your aptitudes and broaden your knowledge base, giving you the flexibility to discover the ideal health care setting to continue your nursing career.

· Hospitals: Hospitals account for 60 percent of the nursing workforce according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. BSN-prepared nurses will discover vast career opportunities among the many departments within a hospital and will even qualify for management roles.

· Clinics: Qualified nursing professionals are in high demand at medical clinics across the country. Because many medical clinics offer diverse service offerings at low cost, nurses provide a unique level of patient care and education. BSN-prepared nurses posses the educational background and experience to provide exemplary services to patients.

· Nursing homes: Nursing homes are an integral part of the health care system, as they provide aging patients with a place to receive continuous, necessary care in their later years. BSN-prepared nurses are trained to assess patient needs and to implement patient care plans.

Online RN to BSN programs take previous education and work experience into consideration, helping current nursing professionals to fast-track their bachelor’s degree and qualify for advanced positions within the health care industry.