Nurses Increasingly Seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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BSN sets graduates apart in crowded job market

Many people argue the value of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) over the associate degree in nursing. While the BSN requires two additional years of coursework, the difference in pay between the two degrees in minimal, leaving many to wonder whether obtaining a BSN is really necessary in today’s health care environment. However, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is worthwhile for students considering a career as a registered nurse.

  • A BSN allows graduates to stay competitive in a crowded job market. Individuals looking for the edge in an increasingly competitive job market should consider earning a BSN. Many hospitals and other health and wellness facilities across the country are looking for candidates who have exemplary skills and qualifications to fill vacant positions. As potential candidates continue to flood the job market looking for employment, employers are going to hire the most qualified applicant. In the health care industry, employers are looking for candidates who have a BSN to fill available positions.
  • An advanced degree provides job security. Today’s economy is still struggling to find its footing, and jobs continue to come and go in this fluctuating job market. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing can provide nurses with job security as employers continue to look for candidates who have an advanced degree to fill vacant positions or as potential candidates for promotions. Additionally, the health care industry continues to grow in its complexity as new technologies and medical practices enter the market. A BSN prepares nurses for these new job responsibilities and requirements.
  • A BSN positions nurses for leadership and managerial roles. An advanced degree can accelerate nurses’ career development into leadership positions, including administrative positions, managerial roles and even instructional support at technical colleges and universities. As nurses advance in their careers, their pay scale will follow suit.

Pursuing a BSN is a solid choice for students considering a career in nursing. The benefits will reveal themselves over students’ career as a nurse.