Find the Right Fit to Earn Your Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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All nursing programs are not created equal

The job market for nurses is growing at a rapid pace, with many health care markets across the nation reporting a shortage for nurses with RN to BSN degree.In fact, nursing is the top health care profession in the nation, and health and wellness facilities across the country seek qualified nursing professionals to fill vacant positions and take on an increasingly complex health care environment. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing can position you for a challenging and rewarding career in health care. However, finding the right nursing program for you requires research and thought.

Things to Look for in Your Nursing Program

· Accreditation: Employers and hiring managers are searching for nursing professionals who are equipped with the latest skills and qualifications and with a comprehensive knowledge of the health care industry, specifically the nursing profession. Many look at the institution from which you earned your degree to determine if your degree comes from an accredited nursing program. Accreditation often is not required; however, it helps to ensure the institution’s and the degree’s reputability.

· Degree options: The nursing profession is moving toward staffing health and wellness facilities with professionals who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a higher-level degree to fill vacancies in an increasingly complex industry. Finding an institution that offers a bachelor’s degree is essential. For students who are considering furthering their education after earning a bachelor’s degree, finding a nursing program that offers a master’s program will help with continuity of their education.

· Graduation rate: Before deciding on a nursing program, you should check out some of the school’s statistics, including graduation rate and exam pass rate. This gives you a look at how other students are faring in courses as well as other insights into the program.

· Affordability: Tuition cost is a major factor that keeps many motivated prospective nursing students from pursing their degree. Finding a nursing program that offers a competitive tuition rate and sufficient financial support for qualifying students will limit out-of-pocket expenses and help you along your path to becoming a nursing professional.

Finding the best fit to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing is critical to your success as a nursing professional. Do your research, ask for references and give the decision serious thought before enrolling in a nursing program.