Careers in Nursing

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Jobs with a BSN

Nursing is the fastest growing and largest profession in health care. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 2.7 million people are employed as nurses. This rapid growth has been spurred by technological innovations that have advanced the level of patient care and treatment services, an increased emphasis on preventive care and an aging population that is demanding more health care services as they live longer and more active lives than previous generations.

Despite the overwhelming pressure to meet staffing needs, health care settings are looking for more than a diploma or associate-prepared nurse to meet the rising patient care demands of the industry. BSN-prepared nurses are finding their place in health care with tremendous career opportunities that position them for leadership roles.

Careers in Nursing

Hospitals Rank as Top Nursing Employer

BSN-prepared nurses will find the greatest job opportunities in private, general medical and surgical hospitals. According to the BLS, these medical facilities employ nearly half (48 percent) of all nurses. Other nursing employers include physician offices (8 percent), home health care service providers (5 percent) and nursing care facilities (5 percent).

Preventative Care Marks Change in Health Care

The health care industry is largely being shaped by changing patient demands, which are increasingly focused on preventative care. BSN-prepared nurses are needed to serve as educators as well as caregivers. BSN programs are focused on health promotion, disease prevention and risk reduction in an effort to avoid costly medical care and lengthy hospital stays for patients. New health care reforms have also strengthened the need for primary care nurses in markets across the country, creating a greater need for BSN-prepared nursing professionals.

RN to BSN Programs Give Your Nursing Career a Boost

Fast-track your nursing career and discover more advanced jobs with a BSN. RN to BSN programs build upon and improve your current education and work experience to prepare you for new career opportunities in an increasingly complex health care environment. The BSN also provides a solid foundation for continued education, such as a Master’s of Science in Nursing, for nurses looking to become a nurse practitioner or enter the education field.