6 Reasons Why Parents Will Succeed in an Online BSN Program

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Your day-to-day parenting could prepare you for a new career as a nurse, as many common parenting skills translate to the healthcare work force. And, when coupled with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from King University, these skills can get you hired. Parents can earn an RN to BSN online from King University for a reputable nursing credential that will allow them to quickly find themselves employed as a nurse. Take a look at some required nursing skills that you have likely picked up as a parent.

Time Management

Time is of the essence when you are an on-call nurse—any parent will tell you the same. Both nurses and parents often feel the stress of multiple obligations with finite time. Nurses must keep up with heavy patient loads and administrative duties during their shifts, while parents are often juggling work with the many obligations of raising a child, including chauffeuring them around to band practice or soccer games, attending parent–teacher conferences, volunteering for the class field trip, tutoring their child and more. Furthermore, both scenarios require flexibility and being able to deal with the unpredictable, as many things can pop up derailing your plans. Time management is crucial to putting out these fires and operating an efficiently run household and smooth nursing shift. In fact, being skilled in time management is a highly sought-after skill by today’s healthcare employers.

Organizational Skills

An on-call nurse juggles a lot when he/she is on duty. One nurse may be asked to oversee the care of 10 or more patients during a shift at a hospital, which requires a tremendous amount of both leg work and paper work. Staying well organized and detail oriented is a must when you are a nurse. Parents, likewise, must maintain a sense of organization at home and in their lives to keep the wheels turning and their household intact. Your superior organizational skills at home could lead to a new career in healthcare.


Communication skills are one of the most desired aptitudes by employers across all industries. As a parent, communication comes naturally whether it is between you and your child, other parents, teachers or co-workers. Likewise, nurses must communicate with numerous people throughout their work day, including patients, physicians, family members and other nurses. Effective communication in the healthcare setting helps promote more successful patient care outcomes and ensures a collaborative work environment. For parents, clear communication with children helps build solid relationships and improves their awareness of complex subjects.


Nurses are often experts at expressing empathy. Nurses must read patients and understand emotions and feelings that they might have trouble expressing. Parents often develop an empathetic nature as their children grow and mature. Understanding a child’s or patient’s perspective can make it easier for you to manage complex situations and difficult tasks.


Parents and nurses must be good teachers. Nurses are often required to educate patients and even family members on certain health outcomes and treatment options. They also serve as a community ambassador for healthy lifestyles. Educating community members on wellness issues is part of the job. Parents are a child’s first teacher and help to provide instructions for life’s simple tasks and invoking lessons of good behavior, compassion, discipline and honesty. Healthcare employers are looking for nurses who are equipped to become effective educators, and parenting skills help prepare you for this role.


Healthcare employers need nurses on the job who are reliable and dedicated to their profession. Many people are dependent on a nurse, which requires nurses to display the utmost sense of reliability both on duty and off duty. Being reliable comes natural to a parent who is tasked with raising a child. A child depends solely on their parent to fulfill their basic needs. Parents who understand this dependency display a sincere dedication to their child. This skill, when translated into the healthcare work environment, is valuable and can improve your chances of getting hired.

Parenting is an excellent precursor to a nursing career, as it prepares you with many much-needed skills for this work environment. However, for your best chances of getting hired, you should couple your parenting experience with a BSN from King University. King University delivers a robust nursing education that builds a strong academic foundation to begin your nursing career.