12 Online Nursing Courses to Prepare You for Your Career

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King University offers two distinct online nursing degrees for professionals looking to higher education to get more out of their nursing careers. Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) build on your work experience to promote your level of patient care and increase your value in the workforce.

Core courses in both the BSN and MSN program expand on your current aptitudes and experiences to take your care further.

Online nursing studentKing University’s BSN and MSN courses put you on track for career success

Online BSN Courses

King’s BSN program offers a comprehensive study of diverse nursing topics to deliver a well-rounded academic experience. Below are the core courses you will take as part of our BSN program:

  • Dimensions of Professional Nursing: This course uses previous lower-level coursework and field experience to re-engage you in the classroom setting and introduce you to the professional nursing practice as a BSN-prepared nurse. You will expand your self-knowledge and personal planning for career advancement while developing an appreciation of lifelong learning.
  • Research Methods for Nurses: You will get an introduction to research practices for nurses in the medical field, including qualitative and quantitative methods, sampling procedures, data collection methods and interpretation of results.
  • Health and Physical Assessment: RNs will build upon their current health assessment skills, including history taking and physical assessments. Skills will focus on interview techniques, the use of standard assessment instruments, data analysis, documentation and interventions.
  • Spiritual and Cultural Considerations in Nursing: You will examine care within a spiritual and cultural framework. Coursework emphasizes the importance of understanding human behavior and promoting, maintaining and restoring the holistic health of individuals, families and communities.
  • Nursing Ethics: One of the greatest responsibilities of a nurse is providing end-of-life care to patients. This course covers the following: Palliative care in the hospital and long-term care setting, hospice care, pain management, symptom management, the meaning of illness, the meaning of hope and dying, public policy dealing with end-of-life care issues and the international perspective regarding end-of-life care. You will learn to care for the mind, body and spirit of the patient, family and community.
  • Community and Public Health Theory and Practice: Public health is a top priority in the healthcare industry. This course provides you with an overview of public health, including community health problems, epidemiology and preventative health programs. The course considers changing societal needs and healthcare trends.
  • Principles of Leadership and Management: This course harnesses your past lower-level course work and field experience for leadership development. Nursing students will further develop your role as a manager of patient care in a variety of healthcare settings and as a collaborative partner in healthcare.

Online MSN Courses

In our MSN program, you can focus your degree program through specializations for targeted curriculum that deliver better career outcomes. Program specializations include administration, education and MSN/MBA. Many courses in our MSN program will differ depending on your specialization. Below are the core courses you will take as part of our MSN program:

  • Theoretical Basis of Nursing Practice: This course prepares nurses to apply theory into advanced nursing practice for better outcomes. You will learn to critique, evaluate and utilize theories in nursing as well as related disciplines.
  • Research Design in Nursing: Research and evaluation is a pillar of advanced nursing—findings can be utilized to raise the level of patient care and move the profession forward. You will learn how to initiate a line of inquiry through the use of databases, implement statistics and other research methods and interpret the overall outcomes of studies.
  • Social, Cultural and Political Perspectives on Healthcare and Delivery Systems: Society can have tremendous impact on healthcare policies and practices. This course explores the social, political and cultural issues that impact global healthcare, allowing you to be an effective player in health policy and advocacy.
  • Healthcare Informatics: Information systems can raise the level of patient care and treatment services when implemented successfully. This course examines computerized applications and how nurses can use them for support in clinical, administrative and educational settings.
  • Research Seminar: This core course delivers hands-on experience in technical nursing applications, as you work with instructors on a faculty-supported research projected that focuses on your chosen career path and interests.

King University offers two distinct tracks to advanced nursing careers for students seeking career development through higher education. Our School of Nursing is approved by the Tennessee Board of Nursing, is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and is accredited by the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).