11 Unique Places Nurses with a BSN Degree Can Work

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Health care is moving beyond the hospital and nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) are moving beyond the bedside. Consider earning a RN to BSN online to discover a different kind of nursing career. Here are some unique places you could work with a BSN from King University.

In-Home Nurse with PatientNurses can work in different environments including their patients’ homes

Armed service

Nurses in the armed services care for military patients all over the world. The basic job duties for these nurses are the same as in a traditional setting; however, military nurses can work in a variety of environments from a military warzone to a VA hospital.

Centers for nursing research

Continued efforts in medical research help professionals to better understand disease, disability and other medical issues to help create a stronger scientific foundation for clinical practice. BSN-prepared nurses can assist in these medical pursuits through a career in the research sector of health care.

Correctional facilities

Detention centers and prisons house a large population of society requiring a certain level of medical patient care and treatment services to be in-house. Working in this environment provides nurses with greater autonomy and leadership opportunities. And, these facilities provide a safe working environment despite many misconceptions.

Home health care agencies

Elderly patients as well as those in need of long-term medical care are choosing to move from the hospital bed and back to the comforts of their own home for treatment. Home health care nurses make this possible providing regular home visits to care for these patients. The level of care and services will vary depending on the health of the patient.


Hospitals are still the largest employer of nurses in health care making up 48 percent of the workforce. Hospitals are looking to BSN-prepared nurses to take on administrative roles to improve efficiency and patient care outcomes. Nurses with a bachelor’s degree are now no longer restricted to the bedside in a hospital setting with new avenues for career opportunities opening up for qualified nurses.

K-12 educational institutions

Schools at all education levels are moving to hire nurses to provide much needed medical services, including treatment, education and outreach in-house. School nurses care for sick students and staff, administer basic medical aid and serve as an onsite medical resource for staff and teachers.

Law firms

Personal injury and other cases often require the expertise of health care professionals to provide lawyers with important details regarding the medical details of accidents, injuries and disability. This can be a lucrative field and requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical sales is a hot career for sales professionals but also nurses, who come to the profession with a medical background. Pharmaceutical companies are looking for representatives these professionals to network with physicians, nurses and office staff and get their company’s product in the hands of these medical professionals. Pharmaceutical sales is a very lucrative career for professionals with exceptional drive and work ethic.

Public health nurse

Work to improve the overall health and well-being of your community through specific outreach and education efforts as a public health nurse. These nurses work with medical professionals to identify health concerns facing communities and formulate plans to address and alleviate or eliminate these issues from the community. Public health nurses often work in state departments of health.

Summer camps

Get out into the great outdoors as a camp nurse. High season is during the summer; however, some camp nurses might find full-time employment year-round. Camp nurses are responsible for the health of campers and staff onsite and must establish a medical action plan in case of emergency. They are also responsible for providing basic medical care throughout the camp term, including administering medications, treating poison ivy, caring for minor injuries and more.

Travel companies

There are many nursing agencies looking to staff BSN-prepared nurses in health care facilities beyond our borders. Travel nurses with a BSN are highly sought after to lead new medical efforts for better patient care and treatment services in sometimes underdeveloped areas. These nurses should be able to work autonomously and take on leadership positions. An adventurous spirit is also a plus in this nursing field.

Nurses weary of bedside medical care should be encouraged to know that there are ample career opportunities available for BSN-prepared nurses outside of the hospital. As the scope of health care evolves, so do the job opportunities becoming available for nursing professionals. With such expansive career opportunities for nurses with a BSN, nurses now have the flexibility to follow your interests and discover your passion within health care, specifically patient care and services. King University’s nursing degrees provide a distinct education path to gain valuable nursing skills, earn needed credentials and find success in the nursing workforce.