Understanding What Online Degree is Right for Me

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What Degree is Right for Me

You know you want to go back to school, but you aren’t sure what you should study. That’s nothing to worry about; your situation is much more common than you think. When it comes to online degree programs you have a lot of options, which can be confusing. But don’t stress — at King University, we offer programs in several real-world fields so that you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you. To help make your decision easier, here’s a guide to all of our online program options.


There is hardly a more universal and practical field than business. No matter what your area of interest is, chances are you can use your talents with a business degree. If you are driven and ready to shape your own career, our business programs might be where you should start. We offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business.

  • Bachelor of Science in Communication: All types of companies hire professionals with strong oral and written communication skills. When you earn an online communication degree, you show employers that you have the knowledge and experience required to communicate with all types of departments and clients. This degree covers real-world topics like public relations, media communication, advanced speech and more.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: This program prepares you to be successful in today’s global business world. A bachelor’s degree in business is a must-have credential if you’re interested in management roles. Learn essential skills like problem-solving, research methods, business plan development and more in this program.
  • Master of Business Administration: If you’re already a business professional and are looking to take your career to the next level, an MBA is what you need. Our curriculum blends case analysis with team-based learning models that develop strong decision-making skills. You can also choose to specialize your MBA in accounting, healthcare management, human resources management, finance, management or marketing.

Criminal Justice

If you have a passion for public service and want to make a difference in your community, our criminal justice degree program could be the right choice for you. Our Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice introduces the concept of restorative justice, which brings victims and offenders together to repair relationships within the community and prevent future crime. You’ll be prepared for challenging and rewarding careers after graduation, in areas like probation, parole, law enforcement and the court system.

Information Technology

The tech industry is thriving, making information technology professionals more in-demand than ever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in all computer-related occupations is expected to increase 22 percent by the year 2020. You can get involved in this exciting field by earning one of our information science degrees.

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology: If you love computers and are interested in a technical career path, you might be interested in this degree. Our online IT program allows you to specialize in either cyber security, network management or programming so that you’re prepared for the job you want after graduation. You’ll be qualified to manage IT resources for organizations and develop plans for the implementation of new technology.
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics: This program combines health with technology to meet the challenges of today’s healthcare system. Health informatics is a discipline at the intersection of information science, computer science and healthcare. You’ll learn to analyze, design, implement and evaluate information and communication systems to improve health outcomes and patient care.


The healthcare system is changing, and today’s professionals have higher standards to meet when it comes to both education and skills. Our programs in administration and nursing give you the hands-on education you need to succeed in the healthcare field. Whether you want to work in the healthcare field in a clinical or administrative capacity, we have programs for you.

  • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration: This online program prepares you to make strategic and ethical decisions that improve patient care and service delivery. You’ll study key topics in human resources, healthcare organization and policy, ethics and legal issues, management, sustainability and more. If you are interested in healthcare from a business standpoint, this could be a great degree for you.
  • RN to BSN: If you are a registered nurse looking to increase your credentials, earning your RN to BSN online is the way to go. According to the Institute of Medicine, the number of nurses holding a baccalaureate degree should increase to 80 percent by the year 2020. You can make this change in an affordable and convenient way. Develop your skills and increase your earning potential with our RN to BSN.
  • Master of Science in Nursing: Nursing career advancement is possible with an online MSN. Our graduate nursing program gives you three concentration options, letting you personalize your degree to your career goals. Choose between the nurse educator, administrator or MSN/MBA combination for a higher salary and increased responsibility in the workplace.

Online Options at King University

This guide should give you a better idea of which degree makes sense for your personal and professional goals. Keep in mind that we also offer online degrees in areas like applied science, psychology, religious studies, history and more. Learn more about any of these program options and see what a King University online education can do for you.