Active Duty Admissions

Active Duty Military Admissions

Military tuition assistance (TA) is offered to military service members to assist with tuition costs. TA typically covers 100 percent of tuition, up to the $250 cap per credit hour.

Active Duty Admissions at King University

Military Tuition Discounts

King University offers military service members tuition discounts to support your academic goals through an affordable education. Our GPS undergraduate tuition rate is reduced to $250 per credit hour. Visit the links listed below to learn more about military college tuition discounts and eligibility. Air Force: Army: Coast Guard: Marines: Navy:

Military Admissions

Take the next step in building an educational foundation while serving your country. Active Duty Enrollment Step 1 – Contact your King University academic advisor. Your academic advisor is an on-campus resource for support and information concerning your academic progress and will help you stay on track towards graduation. Step 2 – Complete the admissions process. Step 3 – Apply for TA online. Use the links below or contact your education office on-base. You will receive the authorized form once approved. Air Force: Army: Coast Guard: Marines: Navy: Step 4 – Submit your TA form to the Military Affairs Office (1). Forms can also be faxed to 423-652-4727 or emailed to

Active Duty Application

1.  Visit to complete the free online application. 2.  Submit requested application pieces, which may include: -Official transcripts from all attended colleges and universities -State license -Personal statement -Resume or curriculum vitae 3.  Complete tuition assistance process 4.  Complete enrollment process

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