Web developers needed in an app-driven world

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Solid Career Opportunity with a Bachelor of Information Technology

When deciding on a major, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is, “Will this degree get me a job?” Then you must ask, “Will this job make me happy?” A bachelor of information technology is quickly becoming a credential in high demand among employers. As companies begin to understand the real value of a fully developed IT department, new positions are opening up for college graduates who possess a bachelor of information technology degree. These positions come with a high potential for job growth, career development and long-term job security.

Web Developers Growing in Demand
One position that continues to see immense growth and demand is Web developer. A Web developer is often tasked with building websites using CSS and/or XHTML coding. They must consider the sites’ functionality and Web content optimization during the development process.

In most cases, Web developers do not handle the design phase of a Web development project. Graphic designers often design the “look” of the website. Once they have established the look, graphic designers pass the design files and style sheets to the Web developer for implementation.

Other tasks a Web developer may encounter on a daily basis include:
• Development of desktop applications
• Development of Web-based applications
• Continued monitoring of sites and servers for technical performance as well as updates
• Creation of Web enhancements

While it is a growing profession, the Web development field is very competitive. Companies want to see a high level of experience and knowledge related to Web-based programs and software. Most Web developer jobs also require a bachelor of information technology as a standard credential. A degree from an accredited university is often the edge needed to land and secure a fulfilling job as a Web developer.

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