The Differences between an IT Degree from a Technical College and a 4-Year University

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A bachelor’s degree delivers added incentives, greater career outcomes

If you are considering going back to school to earn an information technology credential, you may be weighing your options between enrolling in a community college, a technical college or a four-year university. All options can provide entry at some level into the IT workforce; however, there are tremendous differences in the programs and their outcomes that you should be aware of so you can make an informed decision as to which degree is the right fit for you.

King University’s bachelor’s degree in information technology is a viable option for working professionals seeking an accessible, accelerated and accredited degree from a four-year institution. Offered fully online, this degree program bridges convenience with quality. Our reputable online information technology degree can ease your entry into mid-management career options in IT, and allows you to select one of the following concentrations:

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Here are some things you should know about the difference between a community college, a technical college and a four-year university.

Start Your Academic Journey at a Community College

Many professionals recognize the importance of a college degree in pursuing their future career goals; however, some people don’t yet have clearly defined career goals. For these professionals, enrolling in a community college may assist in discovering a clear path toward a career of interest. Community colleges offer associate degrees that can be completed in approximately two years; the broad curriculum covers a spectrum of subjects and areas of interest for young professionals. Community college also offer a more affordable way to earn general education credits to meet course requirements that can later be applied toward a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university. King University has an open transfer policy and will accept previous credits applicable to the program that have a C grade or higher.

King University’s online associate degree is an option if you know you will later pursue a bachelor’s in IT. You can start your degree with King and seamlessly transfer into the bachelor’s program after graduation. Our associate program consists of 60 credit hours and can be completed in just 20 months.

Get a Specialized Credential at a Technical School

Technical schools are another academic option for professionals considering a career in information technology. Technical schools provide specific job preparation for professionals in a variety of fields, including information technology, with coursework focusing on the practical application of skills in the workplace. Programs are often taught at an accelerated pace and graduates earn certificates of completion rather than degrees. Technical schools are ideal for professionals who are already employed and seeking an added credential for career advancement or skill mastery. Some entry-level IT positions will accept a technical certification in lieu of a degree.

Discover Management Roles with a Four-Year Degree

A four-year degree is the ultimate credential for professionals interested in a career in information technology. Bachelor’s degree programs offer an accredited academic solution to maximize value in the workforce. Courses build upon basic principles to create a solid IT foundation. The knowledge gained through expansive curriculum cultivates well-rounded professionals armed with tremendous field knowledge and excellent communication, problem-solving and leadership skills that lead to successful outcomes in the workforce, including management roles. Employers are seeking professionals with a four-year degree to guide a dynamic workforce and manage a growing integration of technology and business.

A four-year online information technology degree from King University prepares tomorrow’s IT leaders and positions graduates for management roles. Professionals with an associate degree or some college credit can enroll in our IT program to complete their degree requirements and earn a valuable credential in today’s workforce. Our degree is uniquely designed to offer tech-savvy professionals seven concentrations triggered to help target career goals. You can select a concentration based on your previous study or current interests to discover new and broadened career opportunities.

Our online program delivery provides you with an accessible academic format that allows you to earn your degree while keeping up with your previous commitments. You can complete coursework on your own time when it’s convenient. And, our program can be completed in just 16 months, offering you an accelerated route toward new career opportunities. Discover the benefits of a four-year IT degree. Enroll in King University’s bachelor’s degree now!