Part 1: A Degree in Information Technology Prepares Professionals for New Business Sector

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Online information technology degree puts new career within reach

Individuals looking to maximize their potential and secure a high-ranking, high-earning career should consider a high-tech profession. Today’s economy is seeing a shift in its workforce toward a knowledge-based business environment, and it is growing increasingly dependent on technological advances and innovations to operate efficiently and effectively. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the information technology (IT) field is on pace for faster-than-average job growth, putting tech-savvy professionals in high demand. As such, these professionals are uniquely positioned to command higher salaries because of the value they bring to businesses and their bottom line. Jump-start your high-tech career with an online information technology degree. An IT degree provides you with marketable skills that employers are looking for, and the alternative learning platform puts a new career within reach.

Information Technology: The New Business Sector

The IT business sector is growing rapidly as companies both large and small devote entire departments to technology and its many applications so they can stay competitive in the global economy. IT experts now play a more vital role in business than just serving as computer support. They work in association with other department managers and executive team members to streamline business operations and enhance service offerings through technological innovations. Graduates who have an online information technology degree can discover immense job opportunities upon entering the marketplace in a diverse business sector. Take a look at one profession on the cutting edge of the IT business sector.

· Business architect: Business architects ensure that the business and technology sides of a company intertwine to promote streamlined business operations. As the business environment evolves and grows increasingly dependent on technology experts for more than computer and network support, ensuring all team members work together to develop effective business solutions is imperative for a successful company. Business architects work with staff members to identify points of consumer interest and opportunity through the effective use of information technology.

Stay tuned for part 2 in the series for a deeper look inside the new business sector as well as the educational opportunities available to tech-savvy professionals.