King College Technology Courses Give You Career Direction

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Finish Your Bachelor of Information Technology Degree 100% Online

Are you interested in technology? Did you started college but gave up? Do you think you could be the next Steve Jobs? Information technology jobs are on the rise due to the growing dependency on technology within the workplace, and the job forecast has no prospects of slowing down. Career growth in the IT industry is virtually limitless. If you have your eyes on a better job in the IT field, King College technology courses will put you on the fast track to career advancement and higher-paying salaries when you complete the bachelor of information technology degree program.

Make the Transition and Grow Your Career
Are you looking for new career opportunities? Do you have some college course credits? Are you interested in making the transition into the field of information technology? Prospective students who have previously earned some college credits and are looking to explore a bachelor of information technology degree should consider King College’s online degree program.

The IT industry offers versatility, fast-paced job growth and high-paying salaries.
King College technology courses can equip you for various positions within the IT industry. You can work within a corporate organization or private business to develop and manage information systems and networks, or choose the cutting edge of technology by working with a team to create a new application, program, game or other type of software. You decide your field of specialization and the direction of your career.

King College technology courses focus on fundamental managerial topics, including:
• Project management
• Problem solving
• Policy consultation
• Technology research methods
• IT plan development

Once you complete your degree, you will be ready for hire in various fields within the IT industry, including Web development and programming, database management, network management and security.

A bachelor of information technology degree is the first step in advancing your IT career and your future. Learn more at