Is King University’s Information Technology Degree Right for Me?

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Web DesignerKing’s IT degree prepares students for many careers including web design

There are many lucrative jobs available to qualified professionals in the field of information technology, which can entice young and even established professionals to continue their education with an online information technology degree to start or transition their career to IT. Information technology online courses from King University deliver a broad overview of the IT field by providing focused curriculum for a number of IT sectors through targeted concentrations, including:

  • Business
  • Database management
  • Health informatics
  • Network management
  • Programming
  • Security
  • Web design

But, how do you know if an IT degree is right for you? Read over the following qualities of an information technology professional. If you match up, consider applying for our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology to start a new degree for a new career.

Strong analytical skills

IT professionals are often called on to troubleshoot or solve complex computer or network problems in the business environment. They are also asked to develop new programs, software or applications that will help improve the efficiency of operations and raise the level of customer satisfaction. At King University, students begin their IT degree with courses that provide a solid introduction to IT principles and graduate with a developed understanding of complex computer issues and their solutions.

Attention to detail

Many aspects of IT are driven by the details. A bad keystroke or faulty plug-in can disrupt the operation of a Web page, program or application. IT professionals must keep on task with great attention to the details to ensure correct and efficient operations.

Excellent communication skills

While IT professionals often serve behind the scenes in a business environment helping to support operations, there are many instances in which they need to be able to effectively communicate with clients and co-workers. IT professionals should be comfortable communicating with others in order to promote an open dialogue for effective solutions. They should also have an advanced technical writing skill set, as they are often required to write detailed concepts to co-workers, clients and others who aren’t technically savvy. Many of our IT courses work on developing a student’s professional communication skill set. Through our professional communication course, students develop both oral and written communication skills. You will leave the course better able to express yourself and explain complex IT concepts through presentations and writing.

Math logic

Many computer applications rely heavily on mathematics to design and operate. IT professionals should be comfortable with complex mathematic formulas.

A capacity to learn many programming languages

Information technology is powered by complex computer programming code and languages such as HTML, Javascript, PHP, C++ and more. You must be able to learn, understand and recall code prompts to be effective in many IT roles. Programming courses at King University will introduce students to complex coding language and help them to develop a working knowledge of various codes and other computer language.

Time management skills

Time management is essential in information technology, as these professionals are often required to juggle many projects simultaneously while also taking on various technical difficulties that are likely to pop up throughout a typical work day.

Critical thinking and problem solving

IT professionals are called on to fix technical issues in many business settings. You should be able to think quickly to effectively manage and troubleshoot computer and network issues.

Versatility and flexibility

Information technology is becoming an essential function of many successful business persons. IT professionals with advanced technical skills as well as traditional business competencies often find the most success in the workforce. Our seven concentrations allow you to focus your degree in a specific IT field or build upon your technical aptitudes with additional business courses.

Through the various concentrations offered as part of our information technology degree, students are given tremendous opportunity to target their career based on their interests and abilities. From business and database management to programming and Web design, great career opportunities exist for professionals with an IT degree. If you feel you have the qualities and characteristics needed to be a successful information technology professional, consider enrolling in our online information technology degree. Students must have previously earned 45 credit hours from an accredited institution and need to have a minimum of a 2.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale to gain admission to our information technology program. A total of 124 credit hours are required to graduate from King University.