Explore an Innovative Career With a Bachelor of Information Technology Online Degree

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IT field growing rapidly to keep pace with business needs

The field of information technology (IT) is experiencing a boom as industries grow increasingly dependent on technological advances such as computers, networks and intranets to operate efficiently and effectively. As businesses continue to weave IT into their daily operations, business leaders seek highly trained and educated IT professionals to lead new and growing technology departments, manage employees and take on increasing responsibility for the company’s productivity and output through advanced technologies. While experienced IT professionals without proper field education may get their foot in the door at some businesses, professionals who have a bachelor’s degree often land management positions across a broad spectrum of industries. Current IT professionals wanting to take on leadership and management roles can earn their Bachelor of Information Technology online to garner the education they need to achieve their career goals.

Information Technology Degree Prepares Professionals to Lead

Understanding the intricacies of IT is only part of the job description for department managers within any business. These professionals must also be business-savvy, possess a creative and strategic mind and also be able to effectively communicate in order to do their jobs. IT managers work with staff to develop new programs, networks and technologies to propel business operations and profits forward. They also meet with other company leaders to identify technology needs and strategies to help improve productivity levels of employees.

An online Bachelor of Information Technology degree prepares professionals for upper-level career paths that demand superior business, communication and critical thinking skills. Most IT degrees focus on technology fundamentals and business competencies, including:

·       Project management

·       Problem solving

·       Policy consultation

·       Technology research methods

·       IT plan development

Technical know-how is only part of the puzzle when pursuing an advanced career in IT. Begin your journey by earning a Bachelor of Information Technology online and discover a plethora of opportunities available to qualified candidates.