Nerds Win! Rewarding Careers With a Bachelor of Information Technology

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Web developers finding ample career opportunities in job market

The information technology industry is seeing exponential growth as businesses across the board become increasingly dependent on their IT professionals to operate effectively and efficiently. A Bachelor of Information Technology degree prepares students for a variety of challenging and well-paid positions in the workplace, including Web developer.

The Job Responsibilities of a Web Developer

Web developers essentially control the layout of a website from the initial design phase to maintenance efforts by using technical programming language, including HTML and JavaScript. A Web developer must be proficient in graphic design and programming to effectively maintain websites.

Education Requirements for a Web Developer

Most employers hiring a Web developer are seeking a candidate who has vast experience navigating through complex code to build highly functional websites and who also has a comprehensive understanding of programming language. As society moves toward more knowledge-based jobs, hiring managers also seek out candidates who have a college degree such as a Bachelor of Information Technology to fill vacant Web developer positions within their companies. Web developers should continuously seek out additional training and certificates to enhance their skills and qualifications and advance within the industry.

The Web Developer’s Career Outlook

The Internet boom has created a growth in the number of businesses seeking a Web presence to interact with customers and clients. These businesses desire expertly crafted and highly functional websites. Additionally, many corporations depend on Web applications to operate and need experienced programmers and developers to build and maintain these applications and sites. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the job market for Web developers will increase 30 percent by 2018. The Occupational Information Network reports that the median annual salary for Web developers was just over $77,000 in 2009.

A career as a Web developer can be very challenging and lucrative. Graduates who have a Bachelor of Information Technology are best positioned to fill vacant Web developer positions in the job market.