Bachelor of Information Technology Advances Professionals in the Job Market

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A slowly recovering economy has affected multiple industries

An economy coming out of a recession often must jump over many hurdles and overcome obstacles to start seeing significant recovery in the form of increased employment numbers. Job growth has essentially stalled throughout the country and across multiple industries, leaving many waiting on a turnaround. Even once lucrative industries are feeling some side effects of a stagnant economy, including the information technology (IT) field. Employers of IT professionals are being more selective when hiring and expect a broader range of skills and qualifications from their new hires, leaving many professionals returning to school to earn a Bachelor of Information Technology.

Areas of Growth for the Information Technology Field

Despite lagging job growth nationwide, some industries have begun to move forward with recovery efforts, and these industries are hiring IT professionals. Strong job growth will undoubtedly be accredited to government spending and mandates. In fact, employment statistics show that Recovery Act projects fueled much IT hiring in 2010 and 2011. Many economic experts predict government regulatory requirements will do the same for the IT industry in 2012.

Additionally, industry compliance efforts are expected to cause a surge in IT hiring to assist in these technical endeavors. Industries such as health care and financial services are heavily regulated and operate with a large amount of data. Many industry experts also project hiring in fields including life sciences, telecommunication, transportation, infrastructure and energy. Even smaller companies hire IT professionals to serve as an in-house expert to field all technology inquiries and promote efficiency.

Employers seek specific skills in their new hires to help streamline operations, spur growth and secure their systems. Companies highly value developers, programmers and business intelligence and security experts. A Bachelor of Information Technology can enhance the skill and competency level of current IT professionals to prepare them for these positions.

Like in many industries, job growth and salary is dependent on geographic location. Bigger cities, including San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle, New York City and Baltimore, are among the technology hubs seeking out new and skilled IT professionals.