A Match Made in Tech Heaven: Online IT Courses

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Far from being an isolated industry, the tech world has expanded into every single field in the market today—from healthcare to business to education, all types of companies and organizations rely on technology to function. And because new gadgets and technologies are being developed and released every day, now is a great time to pursue a tech career like information technology. The creation, maintenance and storage of information and data are vital processes for all kinds of industries. Generally, a high salary, job security and the ability to work almost anywhere are major selling points of IT, but what you may not realize is that online education in information technology has benefits of its own. In fact, IT may be the degree that is most well-suited to an online format.

Why Online?

     Generally, a high salary, job security and the ability to work almost anywhere are major selling points of IT, but what you may not realize is that online education in information technology has benefits of its own.

In an online information technology bachelor’s degree program like the one at King University, students learn the technical skills required to work in IT and how to apply those skills to problem solving. No previous technical experience is needed to enroll in our IT degree program, but online IT courses are often a great fit for students like you who have been interested in the tech world for awhile. The field of information technology is naturally well-suited for online learning. Online IT courses combine education and technology in a natural way that arises from teaching students to use the latest tools and programs to design software, practice troubleshooting and learn about networking and security issues. And because students who choose to study IT are usually very comfortable with computers, they know how to get the most out of their schools’ online education software and its various components and features.

Online education has many benefits that make it ideal for IT students like you. Aside from the tech aspect, online learning is a great option because of the convenience and flexibility it can give you. At King University, we understand that most of our students are balancing a busy schedule of work and family commitments. Our online IT program takes this into account and allows you to work with your instructors and classmates without commutes or strict class schedules. You can earn your degree at your own pace, and you’ll have constant virtual access to lectures and course work no matter where you are. Our online classes are affordable, as well; continuing your education is an investment in your future but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Finally, the goal for every IT student is to improve their career prospects. Whether that means continuing your studies or learning the skills you need to begin a career in information technology, an online degree can help you be more competitive and successful.

IT at King

Our online Bachelor of Information Technology degree program helps you develop the skills you need to pursue IT-related administrative and management careers. It can also prepare you for other technical career paths that require business skills as well as tech training. An added benefit to our online program is that it gives you the opportunity to specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Network management
    In this specialization, you’ll learn how to manage computer networks. Network management courses examine security, performance and reliability as well as the various types of network systems, software and hardware.
  • Programming
    Professional programmers are in charge of writing code, otherwise known as the language computers use to operate and complete necessary functions. In this concentration, you’ll gain practical experience with various types of coding.
  • Cyber security
    Cybercrime is a threat to all types of businesses, making Internet security a top priority. This specialization examines security issues of all kinds and provides you with hands-on experience in how to eliminate these threats.

Aside from these career-focused specializations, King University’s IT program also provides you with a strong foundation of core courses that teach you the basics of the information technology industry. These courses include topics like management principles, programming, cloud computing, ethics and professional communication, as well as a capstone project.

No matter where you want your IT career to take you, an online degree is a great place to start. It provides you with the unique opportunity to learn in a computer-based format that features the affordability and flexibility that only online education can provide. For current and future information technology professionals like you, online learning is ideal. Your IT career begins at King.