9 Courses in Information Technology that Prepare You for a Career

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Information technology powers business and a variety of other industries in today’s global marketplace. And, an information technology degree is a powerful credential that can help an IT professional make big moves in the workforce. However, one IT degree doesn’t necessarily fit all as tech professionals increasingly look towards specialized degree programs to meet current industry demands and their own career goals.

Online IT StudentsKing University students choose one of seven concentrations for course, degree diversity

King University is answering the call for a specialized information technology degree. Students enrolled in our online information technology degree can choose one of our seven tech-focused concentrations for a degree that is designed for you. Concentrations include:

  • Web Design
  • Network Management
  • Database Management
  • Programming
  • Security
  • Health Informatics
  • Business

You might be surprised to learn some of the courses offered through our various concentrations. A peek inside our course catalogue will show diverse course offerings that are designed to expand your knowledge and increase your skill set for greater career success in the field of information technology.

Core Requirements

DMIS 3450 Database Management: Businesses operate with large data pools including sensitive company and client information. Understanding how to design and manage these databases is important to effective and safe operations. This course joins database design, structured query language (SQL) and database information assurance as a requirement in the database management concentration. This course provides a focused overview of techniques for designing and maintaining large databases.

DMIS 3465 Systems Analysis: As part of the general information technology core requirements, this course presents the concepts of system analysis, design and implementation in the system development life cycle. You will also better understand the role of a systems analyst in information systems.

DMIS 3755 Ethics: The speed of change in technology brings numerous challenges to the table. Among those are the ethics of business practice as it relates to high-level uses of technology. As one of the general program requirements, this course identifies new technologies and the challenges they bring to business, including ethics.

BUSA 3210 Principles of Management: Information technology professionals are quickly being seen as leaders in industry and business. As such, there is real value in garnering a broader understanding of management practices in order to excel in the work force. This course is a general program requirement and provides an overview of business operations, terminology and fundamental management practices.

Web Design

DMIS 3655 Advanced Internet/WWW Programming: Web programmers are finding tremendous career opportunities in the workforce as businesses flock to the Internet to connect with the public and engage potential consumers. As part of the Web design concentration, this course examines advanced Web programming concepts and techniques such as JavaScript, database integration and application programming.

BUSA 3240 Principles in Marketing: Web design is a critical part of effective marketing so it makes sense for Web designers to possess a basic understanding of marketing principles. This business course provides an overview of the marketing environment, industrial and consumer markets, buyer behavior, measuring and forecasting demand and the marketing mix, which includes product, price, promotion and place. A basic understanding of high level marketing principles will help you better understand the consumer and the value of user experience in Web design.

Network Management

DMIS 3500 Network Management: Networks allow businesses to connect. This course joins wireless network management and mobile network management as a requirement in the network management concentration. Students examine common networks, including local area networks, wide area networks and Internets while studying appropriate methods of design, analysis and performance evaluation.


DMIS 3760 Information Security: Cyber-attacks can throw a company off track. That’s why computer and network security is a leading concern for businesses large and small. King University’s security concentration in information technology includes courses in information security policy, computer forensics and information security for mobile devices. This course provides an introduction to threats to information resources and appropriate security measurements. Topics include cryptography, identification and authentication, Internet security and more.

Health Informatics

HCAD 3210 Informatics for Health Care Leaders: Technology is changing health care from how health care administrators manage facilities to how medical providers deliver patient care. Health care is in need of tech savvy professionals to help navigate the transition to more effective and efficient ways of practice through the use of information technology. This course is among the requirements for the health informatics concentration and provides an introduction to the use of computers as an information tool to aid in health care managerial decision making. You will garner valuable skills in database access, database management and information systems to promote sustainability and quality advantage in an advancing health care industry.