Office Technology: Then vs Now

Office technology is the crux of nearly every business operation. From project management and data analysis to accounting and graphic design, today’s workforce relies on an arsenal of consistently evolving technology. The various tools and resources business professionals use ensure that the demand for Information Technology experts stays high. Whether the job is in cyber security or network management, employers in the Information Technology field are always looking to add tech-savvy problem solvers to their payroll.

Click through the interactive infographic below to see where we started and where we’re going.

Office technology has come a long, long way.
By streamlining and digitizing data tracking and communication, businesses are able to focus on what’s really important: results.
Earning a degree in Information Technology helps you stay at the forefront of office technology and solutions.


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  • Home
  • Rolodex & Cloud
  • Office Phone & iPhone X
  • Typewriter & Computer
  • Meetings & Virtual Conferences
  • Projector & PowerPoint
  • Personal Planner & Tablet
  • Paper Filing & Digital Filing

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an 18 percent growth in the Information Technology field through 2020. To what do owe this opportunity? If anything, it’s the continuing development and refinement of office technology that’s responsible for the tech-centric economy.

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