Careers with a Communication Degree

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By knowing how to effectively listen to stakeholder needs and demands and communicate new solutions, professionals with proficiency in written and oral communications are finding tremendous career opportunities helping businesses keep pace with competition.

A communication degree is a valuable credential that supplements a variety of business careers. Jobs with a communication degree are exciting and fast-paced.

Communication Careers

The following careers are popular and fast-growing jobs with a communication degree:

  • Advertising manager: Speak to consumer interests and create effective communications that drive sales and profits with a career as an advertising manager. Advertising managers work in a fast-paced and exciting environment and must be able to communicate effectively as well as think creatively and strategically. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports 14 percent job growth within the decade for advertising mangers, with an average annual salary of $108,260.
  • Broadcast news analyst: Stay on top of the news cycle with a career as a broadcast news analysts. These communications professionals report local, national and international news and keep the public informed via television, radio, newspapers and Internet sites.
  • Event planner: Create a big splash at your next event when you choose a career as an event planner. You will work with clients to coordinate event details that orchestrate a memorable occasion. Event planners earn an average annual salary of more than $45,000 with job growth expected to reach 44 percent through the decade.
  • Public relations manager: Connect with your community and promote a positive image of your organization. Public relations managers generate communications, including press releases that position an organization or client as a community supporter. The job outlook is strong for public relations managers, with the BLS reporting a 21 percent growth in employment through the next decade. Public relations managers can expect to earn an average annual salary of $57,550.
  • Technical writer: Streamline instructional information and processes through effective communications. Technical writers must translate complex ideas into easy-to-understand instructions for users. The BLS reports a 17 percent growth in jobs through the next decade, with the average annual salary reaching more than $63,000.