Would Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration Benefit Me?

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Degree positions graduates for job security, higher salaries

When prospective students make the move to earn a college education, they must first consider whether a degree will benefit them in the long run. While prospective students must weigh utility with time and resource, in most cases the answer is a resounding yes! A college education—no matter the area of study—positions graduates for new and advanced job opportunities, steady job security and higher earning potential throughout their careers.

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is among the many degrees available from King College, and both students and employers highly value the degree for its versatility in a diverse job market. A BBA is essential for professionals who have management aspirations or a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Consider the following benefits of a Bachelor of Business Administration:

·       Professional development: Employers in a variety of industries recognize a BBA as an educational advancement that qualifies you for promotions and management positions. Students garner necessary skills for an increasingly complex business environment, including communication, organizational and leadership skills, and a basic understanding of business principles and sectors of business, including accounting, finance, management, marketing and information technology.

·       Job security: Studies have shown a direct correlation between professionals’ education level and unemployment rate. A college degree sets you up for greater job security than an associate degree or high school diploma. Likewise, professionals who have a master’s degree, such as an MBA or a doctorate degree, experience even lower levels of unemployment. The country’s job market is swiftly moving toward a knowledge-based workforce, creating a stronger demand for college-educated employees and greater opportunities for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree.

·       Higher earning potential: Salary increases exponentially with each level of education professionals obtain. In fact, many studies estimate professionals who have a bachelor’s degree will earn nearly $1 million more throughout their lifetime than their peers who have just a high school diploma. Not only will you see an enhanced standard of living due to a higher salary, but you also can save for retirement, establish a college fund for your children and plan your dream vacation with your increased income.