Manage, Lead With a Master of Business Administration Degree

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Advanced degree programs creates leaders in global economy

In a competitive global economy, businesses are looking for qualified, experienced and talented professionals to lead their operations effectively and efficiently. These professionals must possess a comprehensive understanding of complex business environments and strategic management methods that make companies profitable. When employers hire managers and other high-level staff members, they seek candidates who have a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Navigate the Complexities of Business

The business environment is becoming increasingly complex as society continues to move toward a global economy, expanding competition and making efficient operations more important than ever. Professionals who have a mind for business and who want to advance their careers should enroll in a Master of Business Administration degree program. Graduate students enrolled in an accredited MBA program will cover business fundamental topics, including finance, management, commerce, marketing, operations, manufacturing, information technology and entrepreneurship. They will also learn core competencies that will enhance their qualifications, including leadership, teamwork, communications, problem solving and data analysis.

Professionals who have a Master of Business Administration often discover immense managerial career opportunities postgraduation, including marketing managers, computer information system managers, financial managers and sales managers. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that seven out of the top 25 highest-paying careers in 2008 required an advanced business degree such as a Master of Business Administration.

Specialized MBA Degree Programs Designed for a Focused Career Path

King College offers MBA specialization for students who are searching for a more focused Master of Business Administration degree. Students can choose between King College’s four specializations:

·         Human Resources

·         Health Care Management

·         Marketing

·         Finance

King College provides prospective students with an exceptional degree program that is offered 100 percent online. Graduates will be armed with the skills and qualifications they need to become a strong player in today’s global economy.