How King’s MBA Specializations can Land you Your Dream Job

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No one decides to go back to school without a good reason. Maybe doing so is required to advance in your current career or maybe the increased salary is attractive to you, but whatever the reason, King University can help you reach your goals. Many people choose to continue their education because there is a specific career they are interested in pursuing––a “dream job.” If this is your motivation for going back to business school, King’s online MBA degree may be a good fit for you. It offers the knowledge and skills you need to advance your career in the business world, while maintaining a flexible and affordable format that puts it within your reach.

King University's MBA SpecializationsKing’s online MBA degree specializations can help land your dream job.

Our MBA program features a Core Course Sequence that includes the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Quantitative and research methods
  • Strategic marketing management
  • International business
  • Accounting for managerial decision making
  • Strategic financial management
  • Strategic management
  • Economics of organizational architecture and strategy
  • Business and organizational ethics

Outside of this essential body of business courses, King University’s MBA degree also features a variety of specializations that help you tailor your education to the career you want. We’ve profiled each of our MBA specializations and the ways in which they can be directly applied to help you get the job you’ve always wanted.


This specialization prepares you for work in high-level accounting positions. In these types of jobs, you may assess financial operations and advise ways to reduce costs, improve profits and increase revenues. Because proper financial planning is vital to every business, accounting is a highly valuable skill set in today’s business world. King’s MBA accounting specialization includes the following courses:

  • BUSA 5100 Internal Auditing and Fraud Examination
  • BUSA 5110 Financial Accounting and Analysis
  • BUSA 5120 Strategic Cost Management


Though this field is often confused with accounting, it requires its own, unique knowledge and skills. Finance specialists study how money is managed within companies and are an integral part of acquiring funds as well. It is often divided into the categories of corporate finance, public finance and personal finance. You will complete the following courses:

  • BUSA 5063 Investment Management
  • BUSA 5064 Financial Markets and Institutions
  • BUSA 5065 Special Topics in Finance

Healthcare Management

Because of the rapid change that the healthcare field has experienced in recent years, healthcare management professionals are more in demand than ever. In these types of positions, you will work to manage systematic changes in healthcare institutions and help to improve the health of the communities you serve. The healthcare management specialization at King includes the following courses:

  • BUSA 5410 Healthcare Systems
  • BUSA 5420 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare
  • BUSA 5430 Managed Healthcare

Human Resources

Human resources professionals have a role in every type of business. You may direct hiring, recruitment, training, compensation, job enrichment, employee benefits, performance or relocation termination. In this way, human resources executives are the primary link between employees and the company at which they work. Courses in King’s human resources MBA specialization include the following:

  • BUSA 5200 Building Competitive Advantage for HRD
  • BUSA 5202 Managing Risk in Human Resources
  • BUSA 5203 Training and Development in Human Resources


Marketing executives most often work with clients to ensure they get the experience they are paying for. A marketing professional also works to create, manage and enhance brands. With an MBA with a marketing specialization, it is likely that you will work a great deal in making high-level strategy decisions. To complete the marketing specialization, you must complete the following courses:

  • BUSA 5052 Consumer Behavior
  • BUSA 5300 New Venture Creation
  • BUSA 5051 Promotions and Advertising Strategy


Perhaps the most comprehensive MBA specialization that King offers, management, includes the planning and execution of successful business tactics. Management involves supervising employees on all levels and ensuring that high-quality work is carried out. Having a high-level management position also means that you work to accomplish a company’s goals and are often a primary decision maker. Courses in King’s management specialization include the following:

  • BUSA 5020 Managing for Organizational Effectiveness
  • BUSA 5200 Building Competitive Advantage—Human Resource Development
  • BUSA 5021 Operations Management

What an MBA Will Mean for You

King’s online MBA program helps you develop strong business skills and a deep understanding of business principles. Earning an MBA will prepare you for the business career you want— no matter what your ideal job is. Whether you see yourself as a financial advisor, a marketing manager or an HR specialist, King can help get you there.  For more information about the online MBA program at King University, visit our Academics page.